When Wrestling Breaks the Fourth Wall – Laser Time #324

In honor of Wrestlemania 34, we’re looking at some of our favorite moments to ever occur in and around the squared circle: Yelling! Or more specifically, we’re zeroing in on those lightning-in-a-bottle promos where the actual wrestling stops and little jabs on the mic make everyone question what is and isn’t real. Come on in, this ep is hardly just for wrasslin’ fans!


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11 thoughts on “When Wrestling Breaks the Fourth Wall – Laser Time #324

  1. Matt kept mentioning FPJr as a writer another former writer is deceased stand up Patrice Oneal, he mentioned his experience writing for them alot when he was on Opie and Anthony as a fellow East Coaster you may’ve also listened to it growing up.

  2. Fun episode, wrestling ones are usually a blast and the bits you guys talked about were really interesting.
    Nice to have Brett on an episode again, but too bad Dave couldn’t make it.

  3. Roman Reigns has been in the WWE for several years and still doesn’t have a catchphrase.

    I think that’s the most telling thing about how pitiful Reigns is as an entertainer

  4. Great episode! I never realized how heated the Miz/Bryan confrontation was. I hope this rivalry is reheated now that Bryan is back in the ring!

  5. Henry jerking off over CM Punk? What else is new. Jesus christ dude get the fuck over this overrated promo.

    I can’t wait for this stream of canned episodes to end so there’s no more trace of that fuck.

  6. Not sure why people loved CM Punk so much. He always seemed like a whiney jerk to me. This promo totally proves that fact. I never want to see him wrestle again.

  7. Really interesting episode. I don’t mean to poke the hornet’s nest, but it was kind of ironic listening to the crew trying to read between the lines of what’s a shoot and what’s a work, when all the internet sleuths have been doing the same thing lately with LT/TS

  8. Hilarious episode! I wasn’t sure if I would like this episode in the beginning since I’m not a wrestling fan but this was great.

  9. Hey, I just recently heard this podcast and if you ever decide to do a part 2 of “When Wrestling breaks the fourth wall”, be shure to check out Mick Foleys “Cane Dewey” and “He´s hardcore”-Promos from ECW as well as “Joey Styles shoots at WWE”

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