Talking Simpsons – Marge Be Not Proud

Dave Rudden joins us for an early Christmas as we analyze the show’s second ever holiday episode! We talk about shoplifting, video games of the 1990s, Xuxa, and disappointing our moms in this week’s very special podcast!


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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Marge Be Not Proud

  1. Speaking of Sega, you guys know what it means in Italian right…? Makes the game intro and advert even better.

  2. I worked at a Waldenbooks in a mall. I asked what do we do when someone sets off the shoplifter alarm, and just keeps walking. The answer: nothing. We were told never to chase after someone.

  3. You brought up Billy Barty, and reminded us that Henry lived in Atlanta for a while, so I have to ask about the weird quasi-educational movie starring Billy Barty and David Rappaport that was once run in a little movie theater on the top of Stone Mountain. BB played a gnome who was some kind of caretaker for the mountain and its surrounding area, teaching his young apprentice about all the nature and whatnot. Rappaport was a gnome alchemist/scientist trying to gather specimens of a fictional flower growing around the mountain to make into a sleeping potion for the insomniac gnome king. It got weird.

    The weirdest part of all is that this movie does not appear in IMDb and references to it are extremely scarce. One book about little people actors reproduces a letter written by Billy Barty after David Rappaport’s death in which BB mentions having made the film with Rappaport, and that’s about it.

    1. I am glad I found this comment. I began to wonder if that movie actually existed or it had entered my brain through a fever dream.

    2. Very odd, this. I’m watching “Day of the Locust,” as I write this and was wondering about the movie you wrote about BECAUSE I used to run the projectors for that film at the top of the mountain (part time whilst also running a porn cinema projection booth across from South Dekalb Mall…I actually lived in the projection booths at one or the other end of the county for 6 months while paying off a debt to the Vietnamese porn family I worked for).

      Best part was the sound system in the Stone Mountain one. You could hear it in Lithonia and, on while tripping during Easter Sunrise Services, I was able to treat the parishoners to Dark Side of the Moon (no one really knew where the sound system controls were besides me and I was an ethereal being tending to waft around the rock).

      If anyone ever finds a copy of the film, “Spirit of the Mountain,” I think, then get in touch.

  4. The talk of 1990s game pricing made me wanna bring up my current situation. Because of the state of video game pricing in general, as well as the Canadian dollar being noticeably below the American dollar for the last 3 or so years, the cost of games here suuuuuuucks. If you’re buying them new they’re typically $79.99 before tax, totaling about $90 afterwards. Luckily, Amazon Prime brought their pre-order/ new release price discount here in 2016 or so, bringing the cost down to like $70 after tax. As a university student, this cost hurts my wallet severely.

  5. This remind me of when my grandmother bought me a Sega Genesis. I wasn’t expecting it so I was unable to make a list or game request. She asked the clerk what game a boy my age would want and I ended up with Ecco the Dolphin.

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