The Best of Norm Macdonald – Laser Time #325

We’re taking a break from our traditional format and celebrating one man for an entire episode! Oh yes, it’s a Laser Time listening party, and it’s devoted 100% to the weird and wonderful work of Norm Macdonald. From his turbulent time at Saturday Night Live to his beautifully chaotic talk show appearances, if you don’t crack a smile during this episode, please consult a doctor to make sure you’re not dead inside….


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19 thoughts on “The Best of Norm Macdonald – Laser Time #325

  1. How did you guys know?
    I have been going down a deep rabbit hole surrounding the works of this great man on the internet of late. Two of my favorite things in one tidy podcast! Fantastic!

    1. His Youtube show is gone 🙁 For whatever reason he’s deleted/made videos private. Even the audio version’s been deleted. I think they might be on Amazon Prime though

  2. And I highly recommend the audiobook of his “memoir”…it was fucking hilarious. It was like an extended stand up

  3. I’ve never really found him funny. I think it might stem from the fact that the first time I ever saw him, was the Norm show. I had no idea who he was, and to me, he was just some guy with a monotone, nasal voice, incapable of emoting, who for some reason was at the center of this moderately funny show I watched now and then.

    The impression stuck. I’ve laughed at one of his jokes here and there, but I’ve never really found him all that funny.

  4. Surprised you guys didn’t talk about his Sports show on Comedy Central. I’m by no means a sports watcher, but watched the show cause it was Norm’s. He had a few good bits on there.
    Youy guys gotta do part 2 of this….like including the story of his dad (or was it uncle)? That Norm told his class as a child. I believe it was in his book.

  5. Loved all of this! Norm is one of my all time favorite entertainers, comedian isn’t enough for him. I’d be down for revisiting this once every few months as you covered stuff I never heard and thell is barely been tapped!

  6. Oh, man. I know none of you guys is really tuned into the sports world, but I sure as hell hope the Antista Norm Youtube wormhole has led him to Norm’s utterly blistering opening monologue when he hosted the ESPYs. Holy shit, Norm burned every bridge in sight, and it was glorious. The cutaways to befuddled athletes made it exponentially funnier.

    Downloading and listening to the podcast now!

    1. LMAO, just checked this appearance…Norm roasted’em all goood! That last joke about the Heisman…lol

  7. Despite having seen / heard a bunch of Norm’s stuff from SNL, and seen him in various places elsewhere (like Billy Maddison), I inevitably think about his role as Lucky the Dog in the Dr. Doolittle remake whenever I hear his voice

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