Disney cartoons finally have their own home, It’s tough to forget Sarah Marshall and meet your new neighbor, Totoro! – Apr 13-19 Thirty Twenty Ten

Studio Ghibli makes a double splash, some Bad Dudes crash arcades, Ben 10 ends and begins again, MTV cancels its last good sketch comedy, Toon Disney launches a temporary home for classic animation, and Jason Segel shows us his doodle in order to wash away the memory of Kristen Bell. All that and more on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back at 30, 20 and 10 years ago..


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11 thoughts on “Disney cartoons finally have their own home, It’s tough to forget Sarah Marshall and meet your new neighbor, Totoro! – Apr 13-19 Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I have an odd relationship with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. On the one hand I like the movie and it is really funny to watch.

    On the other I will always associated with a girl I was kind of ‘dating’ at the time (we were talking online but clear indications we liked each other and shit). Well this was all new and over our summer vacation and she went to see this movie with her neighbor who had just broken up with his girlfriend. Fast forward like two weeks and I find out they are fucking nonstop and she never told me shit and led me on. And then my pathetic ass (at the time) just kept pursuing her and ignoring the fact they were fucking like rabbits. Clearly she was not very nice so I lucked out there and got self confidence so it doesn’t plague me entirely. Just a weird memory association.

    And that was ten damn years ago. Christ almighty.

  2. Shout out to Happy Go Lucky! I only saw it once, when it originally came out, but it’s a really great watch, well worth your time. Not only is Sally Hawkins excellent, but the movie also has a fantastic performance from Eddie Marsan, a British “that guy” actor. He deserves a spotlight when talking about Happy Go Lucky as well

  3. You can’t name another Montell Jordan song. Really. You can’t name “This Is How We Do It”. I’m the whitest dude alive and I can name that song.

    The idea that God started the ball rolling on evolution is called theistic evolution, and it’s kind of its own can of worms, a real “fear and trembling” sort of thing; the main criticism of it is that, given the application of Occam’s razor, it stands to reason that processes like evolution and natural selection will work themselves out in an ecosystem and having a Creator get it all started = an unnecessary extra step. [shrug] Who knows.

  4. Grave of the Fireflies is like a bullet train to depression-town. It’s one of those movies that everyone should watch, but is so hard to recommend.

  5. In response to Chris’s statement that R1 releases of Totoro and other Ghibli movies are out of print, they were pretty much all just rereleased this past fall.

  6. Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja…Surprised NFL Bad Boy Brian Bosworth didn’t sue Data East, since the dude asking the “Are you Bad enough” question looks a lot like him. Blonde spiked mohawk and Gargoyle shades.

  7. You asked about how much Ben Ten meant to kids, a number of years ago my nephew got a Ben Ten watch for Christmas, he put it on and when he didn’t transform into an alien after changing the dial he cried.

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