Kids In Peril – Laser Time #326

Whatever happened to that time honored cinematic tradition of putting unaccompanied minors in mortally dangerous situations?! Other than Stranger Things, not a whole lot. But the 1980s were riddled with the Kid in Peril thing, so join Laser Time as we explore the trope, provide some of our favorite examples, and try to figure out why the genre doesn’t get explored much these days…


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11 thoughts on “Kids In Peril – Laser Time #326

  1. I saw every one of the movies mentioned when they were new, and I’ve watched them all again in the last few years, and still enjoy all of them. How did they skip the movie Henry Thomas did between ET and the Quest, Cloak and Dagger? He’s running from gunmen for a good chunk of the movie, then gets menaced for his Atari game by an old couple. And what about Neverending Story? Kids in peril on both sides of the story in that.

    1. I was also surprised they didn’t mention Cloak & Dagger. That movie nails the Kids In Peril tropes super hard.

  2. You should do a laser time about good movie trilogies where the second movie is bad. One example I can think of is Night at the Museum. The first and third movies are good, but the second one, Battle of the Smithsonian, is awful.

  3. I thought Michael (Elliott’s brother in ET) was actually saying “Nothing but ‘health shit’.” Not hell shit, as notoriously believed. It’s as he’s looking over the fridge, so it makes sense in context. I remember reading the movie script a few years back to check. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, haha. Loved this show guys!

  4. I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh: Too Smart for Strangers. It was slightly scarring hearing Pooh say the words “private parts.”

  5. You guys should check out a newer movie where the kids are not only in danger, they are brutally murdered on screen. The British sci-fi Attack the Block, I think it stars the guy who would go on and play Fynn in Star Wars. Great flick, check it out!

  6. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I just wanted to say that this is a great piece of episode art.

  7. Man, I just remember watching the IT remake and being horrified that a little kid got his arm bit off. I was impressed the studio kept that scene in. This was a great topic!

  8. A somewhat more recent Kids in Peril movie would be the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Granted, they often had the help of magical creatures who were basically adults, but these kids were straight up expected to fight in life or death situations. They are hunted by a pack of wolves in the first one, for starters. And in Prince Caspian, the oldest boy, Peter, has to take on the villain, who is a grown-ass man, in one of the most intense sword fights I’ve seen in a movie – and this one was rated PG!

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