Jem takes a bow, the Saturn gets its best game too late, and Iron Man introduces us to the MCU

Panzeer Dragoon Saga becomes Sega’s last great Saturn game, Friends need a best man, the Critters come back, Point Blank dusts off the Guncon, and Iron Man kickstarts the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. All this and more on this edition of Thirty Twenty Ten, your look back on the week that was 30, 20 and 10 years ago!


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14 thoughts on “Jem takes a bow, the Saturn gets its best game too late, and Iron Man introduces us to the MCU

  1. I must have missed where you mentioned Jem, but the music from the Jem cartoon is soooo goood! Britta Phillips should be way more popular than she is! How good is it? I’ve collected the entire collection of music from the show and collected it here. [[Direct Link Here]]

    But for the collection the real applause and adulation goes to StarliteJem on youtube who has remastered almost every song from the show in AMAZING fashion.

    Also funny you guys put Critters and Growing Pains right next to each other because Lenardo Decaprio actually was in both. Well Critters 3, but still funny coincidence.

  2. Holy cow! 10 years of the MCU! I remember seeing Iron Man instead of studying for the next day’s AP European History Exam. That turned out as well as you’d think: I bombed the test hardcore and probably missed out on skipping one more college course. Thanks, Tony…

  3. Fun episode as always. And you’ll probably get a bunch of messages about this over the next week, but: there’s only one E in Panzer.

    1. Forgot to add a mention Sega’s ill-advised magazine ad campaign for PD Saga. It was a face of a character from the game with dotted lines around it. The idea was you’d cut that out and put it over your face to pretend you were playing as that character as a substitute for playing the actual game. Saga was so hard to find and in such high demand by hardcore fans, and Sega’s marketing was a giant middle finger to them.

  4. Wait… Chris liked Iron Man and X-O Manowar for the Sega Saturn, which made him love Iron Man?

  5. Oh man! The pastel iMac! I was 7 when those came out. I remember when my grade school switched from the old Macs to those over the summer. They had a game called Escape Velocity installed on them. My friends and I would play it constantly when there was indoor recess! We would use the forklift cheat to get the insta-kill forklift weapon. We knew we got the cheat correct when the Tom Servo forklift song from MST3K played! P.S. The pastel MacBooks always remind me of Legally Blonde when Elle is buying her computer.

  6. I vividly remember seeing Iron Man in theatres opening day back as a mere 12-year-old with my older brother and his friend. The movie was a blast and I didn’t know that Nick Fury was going to appear, so that post-credits scene blew me away.
    After the movie, my brother’s friend was supposed to come over and hang out with us, but in one of his many stupid work related injuries (he was working at his dad’s construction company which he now runs), he had cut the tip of two of his fingers off. Naturally, after the movie he banged his bandaged hand on the car door and wanted to go home cause of the pain instead, which sticks out in my mind whenever I think about the start of the MCU.

  7. I can’t believe anyone else remembers City Connection! My sister and I used to spend hours trying to miss the cat.

  8. Aside from the title, I don’t think you guys actually talked about Jem. I love this show. Great music and my number 1 stony watch.

  9. Aside from the title, I don’t think you guys actually talked about Jem. I love that show. Great music and my number 1 stony watch.

  10. Ugh Black Dog.
    that was Columbia house DVD or who ever it was movie of the month. It was so awful just simply through it out on my deck and let nature take its course

  11. I used to own Panzer Dragoon Saga. I bought it and Burning Rangers the day they were released. Only 5000 copies each, I believe. Didn’t car for PDS, so I sold it on eBay about six months later for a whopping $56 bucks. Now it routinely sells for well over $400.

    That said, I’ve had a habit of picking up cheap, unpopular games that later went on to become highly collectable: MUSHA for the Genesis, The Space Adventure for Sega CD, Mars Matrix for the Dreamcast, Einhander for PS1, Kolibri for 32X, etc. So I have come out ahead, but still, seeing how valuable PDS has become always hurts a little.

  12. I’m a few weeks behind on this one, but Chris bringing up the WB streaming service reminded me of another weird trend of the time. When YouTube only allowed 8 minute clips, the general rhetoric was that anything longer than that would be too much for the average user’s bandwidth, and that it would take too long to load, and that the average person’s attention span was getting shorter anyway. A lot of other services launched at the time, trying to make good on this new 8-minute standard.
    Based on that thinking, Sony launched a streaming service that played 8 minute clips of all of the TV shows that Sony/Columbia had rights to, but rather than cutting episodes into multiple digestible parts, they pared each 22 minute episode into 8 minute Cliff’s Notes versions. What that generally meant was that ongoing shows had their B-plots removed, but some shows were harder top edit than others. The way they edited Dilbert was to literally remove all of the jokes. Say what you will about the quality of Scott Adams jokes but believe me when I tell you that without jokes, that show is even more sad than you’d think. Other notable shows that I remember watching on the service were Dawson’s Creek, Ellen (the sitcom, not the talk show) The Critic, and most of DiC’s catalog. It was an interesting experiment, and I’ve always wondered if those clips are still floating around the internet somewhere.

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