The Talking Simpsons Podcast Feed Has Moved!

Having trouble downloading the most recent Talking Simpsons episodes on this feed? That’s because the show has moved to a new RSS and some services are taking awhile to update. Try re-subscribing to your feed, or just put the new RSS feed URL into your podcast service! Listen to this brief update and your should be hearing all our new weekly episodes ASAP.


8 thoughts on “The Talking Simpsons Podcast Feed Has Moved!

  1. Warning for those who want to keep history – MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR SAVED PODCASTS BEFORE UPDATING YOUR FEED.
    I subbed to the new feed and itunes decided to delete my entire TS catalog, completely wiped from the hard drive.
    Would’ve thought that with $10k a month you could host more than the latest 100 episodes but I guess not.
    Chris made the podcast better.

  2. What is wrong with you? You spent an hour being ‘social justice warriors’ before talking about the episode or even playing a clip from it. I’ll say it again, what is wrong with you? No one cares about your political or social views unless you manage to place humor in it. I’m not alone in this view. Just talk about The Simpsons. How hard is that?

    1. Joined the patreon just to get through the classic era since i already started this thing, since they saw fit to put their mainline show behind a paywall (cool move guys, clearly the capitalism-bashing is just a bit they do for the cameras), and I wish i could say it gets better. Now I pay to be lectured for half the episode by Henry in those dulcet golden-throated tones. Racism and sexism is bad. Transphobia is bad. Got it… can you please do your job now??

  3. I agree with the person who said you guys spend too much time virtue signaling your political views.

  4. No offense the time that you should allow your political views to over come your podcast on a tv show is when said tv show is doing either a political epiosde or politicals is what the show is about. The Simpsons ISN’T all about politicals. Only a handfull of episodes in the course of 639 episodes. I listen to you guys about your love of the Simpsons …. NOT your political leanings. I would love you guys to discuss the Simpsons and keep the political talk just to the episodes where the Simpsons talk poliitics.

  5. I just came to the realization that Chris isn’t on anymore episodes and he’s taken out of the banner- replaced with a TV.
    Did something happen?

  6. Just wanted to insert a differing opinion here: I really enjoy listening to your political talk and really don’t think it detracts from the show talk at all. I actually really am quite relieved to have a Simpsons podcast to listen to where I know the hosts are raging red pillers or homo/transphobes. People talking about you “virtue signaling” aren’t really thinking about how in this climate you actually do have to signal that you’re a decent human being with politics that respect other human beings. Thanks for all you do, guys

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