1998’s First Comet-Based Apocalypse, Speed Racer Zooms to Theaters, And A Case of Mistaken Bourne Identity – May 4 – 10: Thirty Twenty Ten

Steven Spielberg’s first Wii game, the Wachowskis go big with Speed Racer, Madonna hits the charts with a little help from the Prince of May, Deep Impact beats Armageddon to box office annihilation Facts of Life is dead, and no, not that Jason Bourne. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your audible look at the week that 30, 20, and 10 years ago!


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14 thoughts on “1998’s First Comet-Based Apocalypse, Speed Racer Zooms to Theaters, And A Case of Mistaken Bourne Identity – May 4 – 10: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I used to live near Whitechapel and nope, still all about Jack the Ripper. The tours used to always get in my way.

    But, the barber shop called Jack the Clipper makes it worth it.

  2. Whoa, with the talk both Paul Verhoeven and his satirical adaptation get on the Laser Time network, you’d think someone would recall Robert Heinlein’s famous far-right sci-fi novel Starship Troopers.

    Also, Speed Racer is the best Wachowski movie by far. It’s so great! You’ve got crazy cartoony aesthetic, fantastic direction even in the most ludicrous of driving scenes, pure sincerity, super quotable dialogue, and a villain that is essentially a great Christopher Hitchens impression. I’m positive that was my first Blu-ray, years before I would ever own my own player. I hope they can make another movie that enjoyable again.

    1. Equally floored that they can be legit fans of Verhoeven’s adaptation of Starship Troopers and not know Heinlein wrote it, especially since it’s the one work Chris would instantly recognize. I was losing it listing to Diana struggle to come up with a title.

  3. Boomblox was a great game to play with kids! My stepson broke his arm when he was five and his cast made it impossible to hold a video game controller with both hands. We wanted to get him something he could play one-handed and Boomblox was perfect! We played the heck out of it even after his cast came off. Plus it was a pretty party game to get four people in the same room flinging Wii remotes around.

  4. Man, Speed Racer is so good. No irony. No snark. Just a straight up story of Right vs Wrong that is insanely beautiful. My only criticism is that for the final race, instead of bringing back the Mach 6, I wish they would have rebuild the Mach 4 – the car Speed’s brother raced.

    1. This girl who I was kinda acquaintances with my junior year of college had a speed racer 2008 bedspread. So clearance rack of late summer 2008.

  5. Hey Chris,
    I’ve heard that having remote hosts record locally then dropbox the file and you edit it together is the best way to get better audio and less issues, like the echo. Might be worth a shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Why bother adding games if it’s only a 10-30s piece that there is almost no discussion about. I love games and would listen to a TTT about nothing but games but if you’re not going to do them any justice, maybe just drop them.

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