Jason Voorhees returns for a seventh time, Seinfeld says goodbye, and Bill O’Reilly will do it LIVE! – May 11-17: Thirty Twenty Ten

Friday the 13th gets some new blood, Frank Sinatra and Seinfeld are dead, Lenny Kravitz flies, say goodbye to Kids WB and Toby, and the most star-studded television event of all-time? All that and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, you’re weekly look back at the world 30, 20 and ten years ago!


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18 thoughts on “Jason Voorhees returns for a seventh time, Seinfeld says goodbye, and Bill O’Reilly will do it LIVE! – May 11-17: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. PLEASE do a 13th Friday! Then maybe Halloween!

    and maniac cop trilogy is available on blu-ray on amazon.

  2. Yes I would love Friday the 13th! Your nightmare on elm street series was perfect.

    Also I completely disagree with going all out complaining about and calling Topanga gross for her choice. Even if a fictional character it’s not needed to talk down on a choice just because of that, nor do you need to experiment in college. Been with the same person since early highschool and it’s been a perfect happy life and we decided on and graduated the same universities just fine.

  3. I am not hipster/cool enough to like the Seinfeld finale, it ends like a deflating balloon. I tend to skip season 1 episodes and that one.

    1. Oh and the Boy meets world episode was a oh wow moment for me as a 10 year old…. a woman can ask a man for marriage.

      I hadn’t thought about that in years, having these aw ain’t that sweet, love wins……hard cut into Diana and Sarah freaking out and crapping all over it.

      They aren’t necessarily wrong but it was a great suckerpunch of rage I didnt see coming

  4. Yes, please please do a Friday the 13th show! I really enjoyed An Elm Street Nightmare. Chris and Lizzie did a fantastic job and I had a blast. I’m sorry the show’s reception was disappointing, but I hope that won’t discourage you from making more because there are people like me out there who loved it.

    1. Agreed! yes, please, please, please do a Friday the 13th retrospective show! I loved Nightmare on Elm Street and am kind of into Friday the 13th, as an idea more than as a reality, thanks to a lot of fun time with the game. Hearing you talk about it would be way better than actually watching it myself (for real)

  5. Going to bat for Lenny Kravitz’ album, 5. The first two tracks, Live and Supersoulfighter, are pretty stellar, as are Thinking of You and It’s Your Life. Black Velveteen’s lyrics work in the word ‘clit’, which somehow made the radio edit. Heavy recommend.

  6. If anybody needs a refresher on the entire USSR/America/Afghanistan debacle you can simply watch Rambo 3.

    And PLEASE do a Friday the 13th series. That was always my favorite of the slasher flicks franchises.

  7. “Earth Girls Are Easy” came out in May 1989, it premiered in Toronto on September 1988. This was on tv a lot, since they couldn’t show the Fly (discussed on this week’s Switchblade Sisters).

    This week also has the season finale of Star Trek: the Next Generation, as we finally see the new Romulans as they foreshadow new threat, we won’t see until a bit later. It was an interesting episode for me as I saw the bad guy from Leverage Season 4.

    1. When the Earth Girls are Easy make-over scene was brought up I flashed back hard to Clone High’s “Make-over make-over” montage. That show was genius and too good for this world.

  8. I love you guys, and I hate to be the one to kick you in the teeth over slagging Max Headroom, but holy crap do you need to get your heads screwed on right about Max Headroom. That was a fantastic, way ahead of its time show.

  9. I always just assume “Fly Away” with Nissan Xterras since they used the song in their earliest commercials. I don’t hear it in my head when I drive my Xterra though.

    I was rewatching my vhs of the final seinfeld last night, and I saw a commercial for Quest for Camelot, I just learned about this movie.

    I later learned the movie lost millions.

  10. Quest for Camelot was NOT a Don Bluth movie. It was done by Warner Bros. Feature Animation. The critical and commercial failure of this movie directly affected the production of The Iron Giant. WB cut Giant’s budget significantly since Camelot cost so much anf failure to turn a profit. They also gave Brad Bird and his crew more creative freedom to make something less Disney-eque.

  11. Hey Hey: back up off the Boy Meets World “Graduation” episode hate (even though your banter was hilarious)! It was a nice episode that had some flashback aspects to it by bringing back old characters from the earlier high school years (Minkus, Joey & Frankie) and alluding to characters that didn’t show up but were big back in the earlier seasons (I’m still looking for Mr. Turner down the “other part of the high school”). Season 5 of Boy Meets World, still candidate for 2nd or 3rd best season of the series.

  12. Chris brought up a repeat of the office , the episode aired back in October of 2017. I guess it re-aired a few days before the finale?

  13. Okay, movie geek hat on, time to clear a case of mistaken identity. Don Bluth didn’t direct Quest for Camelot. He had a contract with Fox in the 90’s to the early 2000’s. Yes, he made Thumbelina and Troll in Central Park (which ironically went to Fox when released to DVD) for Warner Brothers but not the case. See, Quest for Camelot was supposed to be directed by the Ferngully guy but creative differences with the studio got him to leave and the studio hired a guy whose only other claim to infamy was Racing Stripes, that Frankie Muniz as a zebra movie nobody remembers. I don’t know either about his work but whatever. I have regrets seeing Quest for Camelot in theaters to the point of owning a sing along tape made to promote the film because, well, Disney was churning those out. Though my friend Stefan recalls an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where at a theater in one episode, all of the posters had Quest for Camelot-which, okay, interesting bit of product placement.

    But Boy Meets World, yeah, fuck that show. It’s very whitebread anyway. Most of everyone is either entitled, annoying or boring. Except Mr. Feeny I’ll say that in its favor.

    Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood however I do actually like. One of my favorites in the franchise. I mean, Kane Hodder as Jason, Tina is the best protagonist in the franchise(even better than Tommy Jarvis), despite the gore being neutered, it had fun kill scenes. It’s just an all around good time. Amusingly, Kane Hodder mentioned he was proud he killed a Smurf because Susan Blu plays Tina’s mother. So in a way, Jason Voorhees killed Arcee from Transformers. How badass is that? And you can even make a feminist case for the film, I know I have. I do know for certain though, this was supposed to be Freddy vs. Jason. Didn’t exactly work out though.

    The Seinfeld finale, upon watching it when I was 17 via reruns, didn’t know what to think at the time since I grew to like the characters. The more I grew up though and thought about it, yeah, them going to jail seemed like the most logical conclusion. Kids WB ending, sad to see it go but hey, they had one last good show to go out on; The Spectacular Spider-Man.

  14. For my money, Friday the 13th Part VII: the New Blood is actually the best Jason movie, specifically because it breaks form and has someone who can actually fight back against Jason for once, and isn’t just a generic final girl. It’s a protagonist I actually like, and it’s way less dumb than many of the other entries. Unlike Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, IMO Friday actually gets better as it goes on, until it peaks with this entry.

  15. I vividly remember what a huge deal it was that Sienfield was ending; it seemed like everyone was talking about it and I remember watching it raptly and then telling my roommate that I didn’t think it was very good and the reason for that was that I was one of those people, and I think there were many of us, who honestly didn’t know that Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine were horrible people. The thought literally never occurred to my 19 year old brain. They were the protagonists. I saw them get into and out of adventures. They never killed anybody or anything, so they must be the good guys! I’ve yet to ever go back to the series
    As a side note, the Sienfield ending is probably going to be the most watched thing 30-20-10 talks about until 2023 when you talk about the Cheers ending which had 84 millions views against Sienfield’s 76. If you make it that long, and I sure hope you do, that will be the most watched thing you ever discuss as you missed the time to talk about the ending of MASH, Roots, or the Fugitive, except maybe on classic corner.
    Side note: Sienfield came up during a game of scattegories with a bunch of young 20-somethings and none of them had any idea on how to impersonate him. Not a single one of them could come up with “What’s the deal with X!” which is what instantly came to my mind overhearing them.

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