Vidjagame Apocalypse 263 – The Weirdest Nintendo Peripherals of All Time

Surprise! We just couldn’t stay away, and while Mikel continues to enjoy his (well-deserved) sabbatical, Chris, Matty Allen, and special guest Trav “TurboBison” Foster are here with a bonus edition of Vidjagame Apocalypse. Prior to his break, Mikel suggested a topic tied to the Nintendo Labo that we couldn’t resist covering: the Weirdest Nintendo Peripherals of All Time! So stop fiddling around with that Labo piano and strap on your incredibly uncomfortable wearable gaming devices, grab your trusty light gun, and join us as we look back at the top 5 times Nintendo let its freak flag fly!

Question of the Week
What is your favorite obscure gaming peripheral?


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5 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 263 – The Weirdest Nintendo Peripherals of All Time

  1. I got an e-Reader (a stupid, clunky GBA peripheral) for Christmas in 2003. I took it with me to Hawaii and had a blast playing Donkey Kong Jr. over and over again, because that was the only “game” (read: five cards I had to swipe every time I booted up my GBA) I had that the peripheral supported.

    It was a really neat idea, given that you could use it for all manner of NES games, giving yourself special items in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, and even transferring clothes patterns to Animal Crossing. Problem is, I didn’t have a GameCube, nor did I have a second GBA to send items to my Pokemon game, so the e-Reader was basically only useful for playing DK Jr. and Excitebike. Oh, and scanning Pokemon cards to read PokeDex entries, since the Pokemon TCG set that year let you scan the cards via e-Reader to learn about the Pokemon they depicted. That was neat.

  2. What a pleasant surprise. This will make this weekend fun!
    As for the QotW: From a personal experience, the U-Force. I was the only person I knew that had one, probably cause it ended up being a useless piece of shit…but as for I discovered via the internet years later…the steel battalion controller: Might not’ve been that obscure, but it was to me since I never cared for X-box. Discovering it blew my mind…I’m all for authentic experiences, but holy shit that’s going overboard.

  3. As far as Boktai goes, the original GBA and GBA SP actually work fantastically outside. I mean the whole point is that the screen reflects light from an outside source. And the Sun is about the brightest outside source you can get. Just be careful not to reflect it directly into your eyes.

  4. Boktai is incredible. I used to hang my gamecube with gameboy player out my window so I could play it on my tv….until I tried a blacklight worked great.

    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a GREAT game. I played it and donley konga last weekend with friends.

  5. You didn’t need a second gameboy or a GameCube to play the games. You just need the cards and ereader. I believe you needed a second gameboy or GameCube to play without the ereader in or something like that. But I played games just fine without using a GameCube or owning a second gameboy

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