Murphy Brown Signs Off, Godzilla Sells Out, and George Lucas Tops the Box Office Across Two Decades – May 18-24: Thirty Twenty Ten

Willow tops the 1980s while Indiana Jones makes a comeback in the oughts, Godzilla makes his worst movie, Murphy Brown say goodbye, John Cusack goes to war, and Conan hits the PC. All this and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, a podcast journey into the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago!


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14 thoughts on “Murphy Brown Signs Off, Godzilla Sells Out, and George Lucas Tops the Box Office Across Two Decades – May 18-24: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. So next week is a big one for me. My 30th bday is friday (25th) wish I could say I have big plans but as of now I really don’t have any yet. It’s been kind of a wierd year for me so I’m hoping 30 kind of gets things back to normal.. but not too normal.

  2. Didn’t see Willow until last year thought it was good, kinda suprised by the nitpicks from Grandma Movie.

  3. I was a PT Radio DJ at my college station in ’98 and Soundtracks we’re always a nice way to sneak in more popular song cuts once in a while. So of course being an idiot I thought I would play Brain Stew’98 and I literally had to stop it and transition the next song because that was too damn ridiculous.

  4. Godzilla 1998…oh boy. I was hyped by this movie. It was my first introduction to Godzilla upon seeing the teaser (which was a scene from the film, not the museum one). So I was hooked and waited a year for the film to come out. Until then, I watched reruns of the terrible Hanna Barbera cartoon on Cartoon Network. And then, my mother rented a VHS tape from Blockbuster of the “original” Godzilla film. I put original in quotations since it was the American re-edit featuring Raymond Burr. So, I was enthralled by the destructive moments of Godzilla and felt sorry for the monster by the end of it. I did rent the other ones, it was kind of like every Friday, I’d rent a Godzilla film and have Pizza Hut.

    And then I bought a stuffed plush toy from JC Penny’s, a couple of action figures of the Mini-Zillas and a large toy of Zilla. Then came opening weekend and being the impressionable 7 year old at that point in time, I loved it. Even owned the VHS. Of course as I got older, yeah, let’s just say Godzilla: Final Wars was a huge catharsis. It’s terrible.

    But the other one thing I got to mention is that I did get the soundtrack years later for my birthday-along with a box set of English dubbed Godzilla DVDs, the song No Shelter by Rage Against The Machine, one of my favorite bands-and shame on all three of you for not mentioning this tidbit because this is even more hilarious than the Green Day song you brought up, No Shelter had a particular lyric that said, “Godzilla pure motherfuckin’ filler!” which was a reference to the film’s marketing as the song is Anti-Marketing and Anti-Capitalism. It even dissed Spielberg’s Amistad. Admittedly, I do mentally picture the lyric with something else like “Transformers pure motherfuckin’ filler!” but I find it hilarious and still do, that that song got on the soundtrack despite the diss. Either somebody somehow missed or could careless. But, hey, great troll move on the band’s part.

    But yeah, Godzilla ’98 is terrible all around. The music score isn’t too bad I admit but it’s a poor representation of the Big G. Can be so bad it’s funny at times but I digress, just plain terrible. You can tell Emmerich had apathy for the material, he admitted he wasn’t a fan, just did it anyway for shits and giggles. Say what you will about the 2014 reboot and I strongly disagree with Mr. Antista with all due respect but that version was done with love and respect. It played like an actual Godzilla film. And also with all due respect to Mr. Antista and King Kong but there’s only king of the monsters and it ain’t Kong. Godzilla’s my monster, yo!

    As for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, nowadays I think it’s okay. I loved it originally but that was because of the novelty of seeing the film in theaters as it was my first Indiana Jones film to do that for me. Keep in mind, I was born in 1991. It was spur of the moment seeing the film opening weekend, I just happened to be near the theater at a mall-directly so, it was next to the bowling alley. So, I thought “Why not?” and got in line. Even saw a dude cosplaying as Indy. I did see it, originally loved it but nowadays, it’s just okay. Just, not that special. Sorry.

  5. One more thing, not to defend that POS but the ’98 Godzilla film explicitly stated that monster is asexual. It can produce eggs without a mate.

  6. I love Crystal Skull. Listen, I know it’s not as good as Raiders, but I love Cate Blanchett in it, I love the action setpieces, and I’m a biiiiiig Spielberg stan. So, yeah, sue me, I love Crystal Skull!

  7. Willow: I never got to see this movie in the theaters, even though I remember really wanting to since it was right up my child-like alley. What I ended up doing instead was buying the Willow paperback version from the Scholastic Book Club and reading it multiple times before I finally got my parents to rent the VHS from a video store some years later. Go figure, after all that buildup all I remember from the movie is Mad Martigan in a giant snowball.

    Age of Conan: This MMO was notable for two things. The first was what the developers called the Real Combat system, which let you target different parts of a enemy by swinging your weapon in different directions, and you could chain together attacks in real time. It was a very primitive version of the action combat later popularized by games like Tera and Blade & Soul. The second was boobies. You could famously create female avatars in the game that weren’t wearing anything but loincloth panties, making this the only mainstream MMORPG to feature topless female nudity. To be fair there was also plenty of topless male nudity, but that didn’t seem like a big deal back then. Anyway, the game fell out of mainstream favor pretty quickly thanks to tons of bugs and a lack of endgame content, but it’s still active today after several expansions and updates.

  8. Man I used to LOVE watching Singled Out! Blame it on being a pre-teen boy trying to see attractive women (and definitely Jenny McCarthy) on the daily…but back then I was a sponge for anything MTV put out (especially Beavis & Butt-Head). Didn’t watch Godzilla ’98, but loved the P. Diddy – Come with Me song (it was the jam at the skating rink on weekends when it was out!).

  9. As my user name and icon may give away, I’m a huge Godzilla fan. I grew up watching the big G on Saturday nights. And I remember buying a VHS of Godzilla that had MechaGodzilla on the cover. Turns out the movie didn’t have him in it and was instead Godzilla vs. Megalon (from MST3k fame). But I loved that movie anyway. Which may be why I’m the one Godzilla fan that loves Godzilla ’98. I saw it twice opening weekend and was in awe of finally getting to feel the size of a huge monster in a movie. Previous films could never quite get that feeling with the use of guys in monster suits. There’s obviously a lot of problems with the movie but I still have fun watching it. And I’ve always appreciated some small aspects to the movie. Like the military underestimating the size of Zilla the first time they encounter him and are set up higher in the second confrontation. Also after blowing up Madison Square Garden there’s a faux ending with a music swell and camera panning into the heroes. Then Zilla bursts out, the music changes and the camera pulls out.

    Diana mentioned the monster in that film is galled GINO by some, and that’s true but the generally accepted name by most fans and Toho is Zilla (Godzilla without the God). But while the movie and design of the monster was definitely a letdown for most people, that just made the merchandise cheaper for me to acquire. I got a bunch of stuff on clearance. But my most prized Zilla item was a present I got from my Dad. It’s a several foot long Zilla that’s bigger than most dogs I see today. There’s a lot of little puppers in my building.

    Also Godzilla ’98 spawned a really good Saturday morning cartoon (staring Ian Ziering of 90210 and Sharknado fame). And Zilla has appeared in official Godzilla work. Chris mentioned Final Wars. But there was a much better fight in comic form. Godzilla: Rules of Earth sees a traditional Godzilla fighting Zilla and I really enjoyed it. I’ll also agree that that the soundtrack is pretty solid outside the goofy Green Day song. But the Gameboy Color game based on the cartoon is pretty terrible.

  10. Yes, Murphy Brown is no.where. these days. It was briefly shown on Encore Classic a couple of years ago, but it hasn’t been syndicated in years. Only season one has been on DVD, I’m thinking because of music clearances.

  11. The same guy who made that Shia Labeouf song also made one referencing Christian Bale’s rant on set of Terminator Salvation, just in case you guys don’t know about it and may want to use it next year

  12. My heaviest Murphy Brown memory is actually reading an Onion article about how Murphy Brown appearing on Nick-At-Nite made the nation feel old. And it did just that to me when I read the article because despite being the only inevitable thing in the universe the passage of time still manages to surprise me. In no way shape or form is it emotionally real to me that the episodes of the Donna Reed show (started 1958) I used to watch on Nick-At-Nite in the 1988 were as close in time to 1988 as Murphy Brown (started in 1988) is to 2018. It’s quite simple math, but in the words of Westworld, that fact, “Doesn’t look like anything to me.”

  13. I have yet to re-watch Crystal Skull since I saw it at a midngiht screening opening night ten years ago. I’ll re-watch it with the kids when they are old enough for Indy, but feel zero need to watch it on my own.

    Willow however …. Probably seen it around 10 times or more, last time about five years ago just for the fun of it. I was the perfect age for Willow (10) to wrap me in it’s sweet sweet merchandising grip and wrap me it did. I fell in love with the Willow Aracade game and played it every chance I could (never beat it until emulation came along though) as well as Willow the Board Game! The Board game pitted one group of players as the baddies and one as the good and then both sides batteled it out on the board and with deck-building in a very very primitive magic-the-gathering like combat. I loved that board game and tried to get my sister to play it with me all the time, although she was a little old for it and didn’t want to play it with me. I lost that board game in some sale long ago, but thanks to the magic of ebay I now have a copy and am excited to play it with my son in a year or two when he’s old enough to watch Willow!

  14. Oh, and I think it was on this podcast that you talked about Elvis. Anyways, yes we have 100% passed “Peak Elvis” in that Elvis memorabiale is only going to fall, fall, and fall in value from here on for the simple reason that the number of Elvis fans dieing off / getting rid of their collections is way larger than the number of new Elvis fans being created:

    It’s and interesting examination of pop-culture phenomenon. We’ll probably see a similar trend happen to 1980’s nostalgia stuff in the 2040’s or so.

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