Movie Review: Deadpool 2!


The Merc With A Mouth is back, but can he beat out of the curse of the comedy sequel? Find out right now!

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison

Directed By: David Leitch


It’s hard enough to come up with a good comic book movie sequel, let alone a comedy movie sequel, so the announcement that Deadpool would be a getting a number two, while unsurprising, was one that made me a little worried. The original film was a hilarious surprise, especially since I was becoming a little burnt out on the character in the comics. But amazingly, Deadpool 2 is able to surpass the comedy sequel curse and present a new adventure for the Merc with a Mouth that is equal parts hilarious, action-packed, and surprisingly moving too.

Reviewing this movie is oddly like reviewing Avengers: Infinity War, in that I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises that this movie contains. There are so many hilarious jokes and surprises contained in this movie that you’ll definitely want to go in as cold as possible. Obviously the trailers show Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds, who’s again the only person who could play this character) having to protect a mutant child (Julian Dennison) from the future outlaw Cable (Josh Brolin). To do so, he has to assemble a team of mutants that includes 90’s stars like Shatterstar and Domino (Zazie Beetz) to help him. That’s really all I’m going to give you plot wise, because if I give anything else up I will absolutely spoil something by accident.

At this point, telling you that Ryan Reynolds is spot on as Wade Wilson is a moot point. But in this movie Reynolds give Wade a surprising amount of heart, and there’s a strong central theme about family that permeates the film. With a character like Deadpool it’s easy to just have him resort to spouting catchphrases and just running amok, but like the first film, Reynolds and director David Leitch wisely keep the character in check. Plus, giving him an emotional arc actually fleshes Wade out in a way that makes him feel like a more well-rounded character. If I may be so bold, I think the movie version of Deadpool might be a more well-rounded character than the one in the comics.

Of course, one of the big reasons to check out this sequel is to see the big screen debut of Cable. Just like with Thanos a mere few weeks ago, Josh Brolin gives this character the justice he’s due, and makes a great impression on the big screen. Brolin could’ve easily just cashed in a check and phoned it in, but he clearly put a lot of work into the role, both physically and otherwise, and a potential spin off with the character is one that I would gladly watch. He and Zazie Beetz have some truly fantastic action sequences, but you’ll be left wanting more of them, which I suppose is better than being bored by them.

Speaking of the action sequences, they truly are a major improvement over the first film. One of my few complaints of the original Deadpool was the action sequences, which seemed a bit like an afterthought. However, hiring one of the directors of John Wick is a surefire way to improve your action sequences, and David Leitch definitely delivers. The opening action montage is better than almost every fight in the original Deadpool, but Leitch also knows that he can’t have this film be all action, and his comedic touches are pretty spot on as well.

As great as Deadpool 2 is, it’s not perfect. The opening set up is a little slow (with one plot point that rubbed me the wrong way), and not all of the jokes land. That being said though, once Cable enters the picture the movie really kicks into high gear, and I do think it’s a better film than the original. If anything, this is the franchise that superhero movies need, as Ryan Reynolds’ wiseass snark targets everything from Avengers: Infinity War to the DCEU. We’re at a point now with superhero movies that we can have a franchise like Deadpool that takes the piss out of them, and to be honest, I love that. This is a franchise that isn’t afraid to bite the hand that feeds it, and this movie takes more shots at Fox, Marvel Studios, and Warner Bros than the previous one, and nearly all of the jokes are well deserved. It may not be for everyone, but Deadpool 2 is definitely a movie that plays with your expectations in a lot of hilarious and surprising ways.

And yes, the mid credits scene is just as good as you’ve heard.


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