Disney Movie Myths and Urban Legends – Laser Time #332

Rounding out our MOUSEBUSTERS series of debunking Disney rumors and conspiracies, we’re shining a light specifically on Disney movies. Dead animals, panty shots, hidden images and more!


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Diamond Dog Dave Rudden returns to Bonus Time this week to talk about Deadpool 2, exclusively for Laser Time Patrons!

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Want to know more about the Roger Rabbit’s hidden naughtiness?

We’ve got all the scandalous images in our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roger Rabbit feature.

Care to dive deeper into Aladdin than you ever have before?!

Then be sure to check out our Definitive Guide to Aladdin’s Genie Impressions! Including the bizarre final appearance of Robin Williams as Genie…

4 thoughts on “Disney Movie Myths and Urban Legends – Laser Time #332

  1. Between this episode and the Disney Park myths episode y’all need to do “Escape From Tomorrow” movie for Monday Night Movie when that comes back. Cuz man it seems like the perfect movie for LT MNM. The movie would have room for busting the myths it puts forth, room for Chris to rant on the films shitty take on Disney, and that shit is like 10 bucks on Amazon.

  2. Y’all woke up some deep down memories when you mentioned Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. Had that one on a “taped off a free weekend” disney channel cassette.

  3. Honestly you guys seemed to hint at with the time period comment. But the Tarzan being related the frozen makes zero sense. We saw both parents. They don’t look at all alike and tarzans parents are from England

  4. I lost it when Matthew compared the invading Universal characters to DX. They went from being on a boat (albeit via a misspoken word,( to a bus, to a motherfucking tank. The escalation of vehicles that this cast of characters was riding in was too wild of a ride for my brain and I died laughing as a result.

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