Jim Carrey is tired of being filmed, and Carrie Bradshaw is on the air, and Tom Hanks Grows Up – June 1-7: Thirty Twenty Ten

Dreamworks makes its best film to date, Double Dragon comes to NES, Brandy and Monica take an argument over boy ownership to the top of the charts, David Bowie sells out, Tom Hanks gets Big, and Sex and the City begins HBO’s reign as one of the most powerful forces in television. All that and more on this edition of Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly journey back to the week that was 30, 20 and 10 years ago!


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8 thoughts on “Jim Carrey is tired of being filmed, and Carrie Bradshaw is on the air, and Tom Hanks Grows Up – June 1-7: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Monica was already fairly popular in R&B, Chris. That’s how she got on the song. People were clamouring for a Brandy/Monica collab since they both debuted

    1. I came here to say the same thing. Monica had a hit song on the Space Jam soundtrack and was considered Brandy’s equal in the world of young lady R&B singers. People had been assuming they were rivals before the song came out so that’s partially why it was so huge.

  2. Totally agree with you guys on Sex and the City – a show that I think most men claim to hate without having ever actually watched an episode (I suspect the actual truth is that they’re a bit intimidated by it). It’s totally worth giving it a chance though – the dialogue is often incredibly witty and the writing is also very tight – it’s impressive how each episode will generally revolve around a particular topic or theme relating to relationships or sex, before tying all the disparate A B and C plots together at the end of the episode in a clever, and sometimes surprising way. It’s also brave enough to present it’s characters as very flawed – Carrie especially does some very shitty things over the course of the series.

    Season 1 is a little rough as it has that slightly awkward conceit where Carrie talks directly to the camera Ferris Bueller style, but it gets much better once they lose that from season 2 on. Also, yes, Miranda is the best one.

  3. Apparently, Nathan Lane won a Daytime Emmy in 1996 for voicing Timon on “Timon & Pumbaa”. The show won a few technical Emmys in 1997 too.
    So there’s The Lion King franchise’s ‘E’ in EGOT.

    1. almost every Saturday night, MTV classic shows the video during the 90s Nation show. I didn’t give two nuts about the song 20 years ago when I was in high school, but now I’m kinda obsessed with the details in the video, and the guy’s reaction at the end!

  4. “The Truman Show” is one of my wife’s favorite movies, she watches it at least once every year. Funny thing, the real-life location of the giant dome that encompasses the set basically obliterates a giant portion of the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, including the parts of the city where Universal, Warner Bros, CBS, and Disney all have working studios. Wonder where they all moved to…

    As for quicksand, it’s still not as fake as some think. No, you won’t sink out of sight, but you can still become dangerously stuck in it. People have actually died after being unable to extricate an ankle or leg from quicksand, usually from drowning when the tide came in. It’s been called nature’s perfect trap for that reason… though that doesn’t always make for fun movie moments.

  5. The Bourne Conspiracy was an adaptation of the Bourne Identity, that I believe touted itself as being based on the book, but was pretty much just THE MOVIE without Matt Damon & it begins with Bourne infiltrating the yacht he gets shot on. It wasn’t very good, but my friend and I (sadly) got all the achievements in it because we were super into the Bourne franchise at the time. It tried and failed to strike a balance between gunplay and hand-to-hand to replicate the movies’ style, but the fighting segments were more frustrating than bad-ass. It also had a forced driving level because of the film’s awesome chase sequence in Paris. It was actually pretty similar in style and quality to the Quantum of Solace game we’ll be hearing about in the fall of the 2008 segment, but that one didn’t bother with a shitty driving level.

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