Christopher Walken is a Puss, Hulk smashes very little, and the teenager in all of us Can’t Hardly Wait – June 8-14: Thirty Twenty Ten

TV Guide gets its own channel, Venture Bros return, Steve Urkel gets a win, Marky Mark vs Trees, The Incredible Hulk technically starts the MCU (you need more than one movie, after all), 90s teens get their Breakfast Club, Metal Gear comes to America… twice! All this and more, on this Thirty Twenty Ten, your podcast look back on the week that was 30, 20 and 10 years ago!


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11 thoughts on “Christopher Walken is a Puss, Hulk smashes very little, and the teenager in all of us Can’t Hardly Wait – June 8-14: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. The Incredible Hulk is not great, but it’s far from bad – and it’s neither the worst MCU movie or the worst Hulk movie, IMO. It uses a very tired and cliche portrayal of Banner/Hulk as a victim of trauma trying to deal with it (as though Hulk was a war he fought in or sexual violence), and the designs for the CGI Hulk and Abomination are not good, but the plot and performances are well worth watching. I really wish we could get a solo Hulk with Ruffalo to do a unique and actually great take on the character, and get to some unexplored avenues of his lore such as She-Hulk and perhaps even following up on the Leader tease from the end of this film.
    I disagree with Chris, a Hulk movie could totally work if they tried and did something other than scared victim Banner and stupid Hulk (and he’s neither of those things in the MCU anymore).

  2. I *love* MGS4 but I won’t defend it. My personal life was an absolute black hole and Sony had telegraphed that the MGS bundle would be the final batch of backward compatible PS3s, so I bought one with enough add-ons to get to an 18 month no-interest purchase on my Best Buy card, because I was on disability at the time (I’m legally blind). I played that game through about six times in two weeks and loved every minute of it. I marked out for the return of Raiden, “The Best Is Yet To Come” at Shadow Moses, the microwave crawl, Sasaki turning out to be more hardcore than his diarrhea-related adventures would point to, the dumb in-game podcast, and other even less appropriate places. It brought me a level of joy totally disproportionate to its actual quality. Even ten years later, aware of all its glaring flaws, I love to fuck around in the game with the Boktai gun, the Tanegashima rifle and the octo camo but I’m never going to actually do the story mode with cutscenes again. It’s not a great game but it’s a great showcase for the PS3 and it’s still something I can always get 2 hours of enjoyment out of.

  3. I agree with Diana, the action scenes in The Incredible Hulk were some of the best of the MCU before Avengers. This is especially true of the final Hulk vs Abomination fight, it’s got plenty of awesome moments like the car boxing gloves and the sonic clap. The final battles of all the other standalone movies before Avengers are really lackluster, especially in comparison with the Phase 2 and 3 movies, whereas the Incredible Hulk movie’s still hold up fairly well.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Sorry to be ‘that guy’, but the Corvette has never had back seats. We’re you perhaps in the back of a Camaro?

  5. I watched the finale of The Incredible Hulk be filmed in downtown Toronto on Yonge St strip between Gerrard & Elm St. They changed the front of one of the strip club to the marquee of The Apollo, set a bus on fire & had extras running back & forth all night long. It was pretty wild for my first time seeing a real live action movie being filmed. Since I had nothing better to do I spent one night standing around filming stuff for 6 hours in the middle of the night. The best part was seeing drunk college girls coming back from clubbing looking to get pizza at Big Slice & loose their shit because it was closed & everything was on fire. Check some of the lame video I got while checking it out. Sadly I didn’t get to see any big stars.

    Other movies things I saw filmed in Toronto were both Kick Ass movies & Pixels. I also once ran into Guillermo Del Toro in the old Silver Snail Comics location while he was in town filming Pacific Rim. That bastard bought the Akira bike by Medicom that I was saving up for. Small Bus Explosion. More Extras Running & Truck Going Reverse

  6. Hi Chris,
    Corvettes have never had back seats. Given that, and the cost for a teenager to own and insure a two-seat sports car, did you perhaps mean you sat in a Camaro?

    Sorry, but I’m a car guy. I love ‘em as much as Dirty Work!

  7. The Happening is such a great work of camp, I don’t really care whether it’s on purpose (although I do believe M. Night was trying to make a B movie already, but then Marky didn’t understand what kind of movie he was in). Everyone should watch it, it’s a great example of big-budget “so bad it’s good” cinema from the past decade (you’ve got another one by a certain Frank Miller coming in six months). It’s way more fun than his other bad movies, with the possible exception of Avatar, which features his bad dialogue put in the mouths of children cast via youtube.

    Poltergeist III is mostly bad, but I do respect its commitment to spooky mirror effects, and it has one batshit insane scene where Lara Flynn Boyle gets trapped in the mirror world, and her mirror form literally crawls out of Zelda Rubenstein’s corpse. I’m 99% sure David Lynch cast her in Twin Peaks based on that scene.

  8. Fun Fact: The soundtrack from Six Days Seven Nights was used in the pilot “Garage Kids” which would eventually become Code Lyoko. Specifically, they used the track “Pirates”. As for The Incredible Hulk, I remember seeing it on a bootleg tape at a movie night my community college was hosting while it was still in theaters. Glad nobody reported them, lol.

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