Disney makes a man out of Mulan, Kevin Costner likes slow wet kisses that last all night, and Mike Myers gives up on movies because of Steve Carell – June 15-21: Thirty Twenty Ten

Arnold goes to Russia, Katy Perry goes gay, Disney goes to goes to China, and TV goes to hell! All this and more on Thirty Twenty Ten, your look back at the week that was, 30, 20, and 10 years ago…


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14 thoughts on “Disney makes a man out of Mulan, Kevin Costner likes slow wet kisses that last all night, and Mike Myers gives up on movies because of Steve Carell – June 15-21: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. X-Files: Fight the Future gets a bad wrap and no one really looks fondly back on it, but I think it’s pretty damn good! I didn’t get into the X-Files until spring 2008 and I watched it as I was going through the entire series at the appropriate spot (between seasons 5 and 6) and I thought it was really good. It ups the stakes pretty well and doesn’t just feel like a long episode in a bad way (unlike I Want to Believe), and is part of the best era of the show IMO.

  2. This is the episode I’ve been looking forward to all year….and you half-acknowledged what I was looking forward to you guys discussing in Bobby Brown-Don’t Be Cruel coming out. However…you neglected to mention the other album that came out that day: New Edition-Heart Break.

    Not only is this my favorite album of all-time, but without it, you wouldn’t have your New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Nsync or any other boy bands of the 90s and beyond (not to mention one of the members of New Edition/Bel Biv DeVoe, Michael Bivins, DISCOVERED BOYZ II MEN). If you don’t believe me, check out this well-done article celebrating the 25th anniversary (30 years this year) of both Bobby Brown and New Edition’s albums coming out:


    …I still love you guys and gals! 🙂

    1. Great read! I have New Edition and some BB and BBD on my playlist. VH1’s Behind the Music about New Edition was also informative.

  3. They filmed a 20 episode season while they made the X-Files movie. Why can’t even DC today manage that? WTF, and we have two Flashes?

  4. Holy Shit! I had no idea that” Almost Live” had left the Seattle/Van BC market. Mind your Manners with Billy Kwan was always a personal favorite. High Fiving White Guys and DJ Cop are Seattle Metro comic gold. John Keister and crew are legends in the Salish Sea. It warms my heart to know that their regional weirdness touched other regions of weirdness.

  5. Bye 302010, it’s been fun, going to really miss you!

    Y’all were my bread and butter during my crunch days when I was working.

  6. I still have Panzer Dragoon Saga. I bought a Saturn for $50 in 1998 and imported tons of Saturn games.

  7. The Great Outdoors looms pretty large in my memory, and I too must have watched it multiple times, despite never (?) probably ever really setting out to watch it. It was just on and so I watched it. It’s odd to me that we are pretty much the last generation for that to be a thing. Even on long wi-fi free car rides, my kids ipads are filled with stuff that’s deliberately picked and they are pretty much never “have” to watch something because nothing else is on; the only limits are the ones I set and other than that there is just so much content out that even reruns are pretty rare for them. Seeing a (let’s be honest) C+ level at best comedy four times because some exec at Comedy Central got a good deal on it? No longer a thing.

  8. I hate to be “That Guy” but American Girl started out as more sophisticated and empowering dolls for girls and the books were made to enhance the existing doll’s stories. They were also to teach girls history.

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