Vidjagame Apocalypse 268 – Obscure Smash Bros. Characters

Vidjagame Apocalypse 268

By the time you listen this episode, E3 2018 will have come and gone, and we’ll all know a heck of a lot more about this year’s upcoming game releases. That includes one of the biggest games of the year: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! One of this week’s most exciting reveals about the game was that it will feature every fighter ever included in Nintendo’s brawler series, which fits perfectly with the theme of this week’s show. Trav “TurboBison” Foster joins Matty Allen and Chris Antista to discuss five of the most obscure playable characters to ever appear in a Smash Bros. game.

Question of the Week:
What new character do you most hope to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?


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12 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 268 – Obscure Smash Bros. Characters

  1. QotW: I’m still hoping for an Advance Wars rep (Maybe Andy?). Maybe that’d help show IS that there’ still interest in the series….and to be unrealistic, get Crash or sackboy and Master Chief in there so we can have the Sony/MS/Nintendo threeway

    1. I’d argue they’ve established more than “1.7” new IP’s per console gen. The problem is, they’re so obscure and don’t sell well, people don’t know about them. Off the top of my head: Dillion from Rolling Western, Code name STEAM, fossil fighters, Starfy, Elite Beat Agents to name a few

  2. Question of the week: I want Joel or Ellie from Last of Us. I think Lightning from FFXIII could do really well too, if not Sora and Donald / Goofy outright.

  3. QOTW: Gwonam from the Zelda series deserves some recognition from Nintendo already. He was one of the most memorable characters from a neglected part of the Zelda timeline, so it’s a perfect gap to fill. Or they could crush my dreams and make him an assist like they did for Waluigi.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: any Belmont. The sub-weapon (dagger, axe, cross, holy water, etc) makes for great move variety. Plus, instead of just pallette swaps, the alternate colors could be different Belmonts, default Simon, then Trevor, then Richter, and so on. As a classic, iconic character from an important, if waning series would be a perfect fit.

    Answer 2: Anyone but Goku. He doesn’t fit the concept of the game (video game characters fighting).

  5. QOTW: Waluigi deserves a slot next to his boyfriend. Mallow or Geno would be amazing. Or if mascots are going to be the focus I’d love Bomber Man or Earthworm Jim. But my real, never-gonna-happen wish is Booger Man. I miss that disgusting freak.

  6. I’m surprised Konami hasn’t capitalized (actually no, I’m not because it’s Konami) on BM’s resurgence in popularity and get BM in smash.

  7. I’ve been really engrossed in smash for a while, so I have a few corrections on the list. While Palutena and Shulk are more obscure characters, they were very highly requested among people who were following and speculating on smash characters. Also, Roy from FE should’ve been 1 or 2. At the time of Melee’s release, where Roy and Marth were added, no Fire Emblem game had been released outside Japan. And in Roy’s situation, his game had not been released anywhere.

    As far as the gameplay discussion during the list, it was pretty obvious no one was that into playing the games. Which is fine, I don’t expect everyone to be super into the competitive side. But if that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t mention tier lists or things like that. I hope my criticism doesn’t come of as angry, just some tips for the future.

    As far as the QotW, King K Rool is my #1 after Ridley was announced. The game need more villains and K Rool can provide an interesting moveset with his different costumes/weapons. Also please announce a new F-Zero game, so they have an excuse to add more characters to Smash.

  8. Definitely agree that Simon Belmont and Phoenix Wright would be great characters to see. My personal wish though is 100% Amaterasu from Okami. The precedent is there in that both games of that franchise have come out on Nintendo consoles, and it offers an opportunity to bring mode love to the character (and maybe, just maybe get us another painty wolf game?)

    Aside from that, Isaac from Golden Sun would be neat to see, or Bass from Megaman.

  9. Qotw: I mean if smash is a celebration of characters, why not bring Joe & Mac into the fold. The base character could be Joe with a selection of the special weapons like the wheel, fire, boomerang, bone, axe, ect…… I just assume Joe could be a pallet swap and maybe for the ultimate smash the t rex boss from the first level could charge across the whole battle field.

  10. I would also like to see Simon Belmont and Phoenix Wright make appearances in Smash, however with those already mentioned, it would be awesome to see Amaterasu from Okami. Both Okami titles were released on Nintendo platforms, and having her in Smash might generate enough interest for another game (Capcom/Platinum plz).

  11. Need some background music on these! It feels so empty for some reason without it.

    QOTW: Realistic answer: Shovel Knight. I think he’s likely to get the spot and fills the vibe of the game really well. On top of all of that he also would be a way for another studio to get into Smash.

    Not very realistic answer: I wouldn’t mind seeing a character like Kazuma Kiryu in the game. For a long time I would have said he’s too realistic and gritty but then they put Snake in the game. Kiryu also has a wide variety of weapons and attacks to choose from.

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