Roger Rabbit creator Gary K. Wolf – Laser Time #335

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the greatest movie of all-time. With that indisputable fact out of the way, as well as a looming 30th anniversary, Laser Time’s sitting down with the man who created Roger, Jessica, Baby Herman, and the concept of ToonTown itself. All of these sprang from the mind of our special guest, Gary K. Wolf, within the pages of his 1981 novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit. Mr. Wolf will be our guide as we look back upon the origins of Roger Rabbit, on to the painstaking, multi-year process of getting the Spielberg/Disney movie to the screen, the animation renaissance it spawned, and of course, a couple of lovely Roger anecdotes you’ve never heard before!


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7 thoughts on “Roger Rabbit creator Gary K. Wolf – Laser Time #335

  1. Oh wow! As someone who has also read the book this was a joy to listen to.

    It’s always nice to know about creators who seem to be genuinely enthusiastic and positive about the community that has formed around their stuff.

  2. Fantastic episode! I enjoyed every bit of trivia about the book and the film. I’ll bet this was a lifelong dream for you. I enjoyed it as well.

  3. I had read the first Roger Rabbit book before hearing this interview. after listening, I decided to go and get the last two I haven’t read yet. Great interview, best one here yet, thanks!

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