Eddie Murphy comes to America, Michael Bay brings about Armageddon, and Will Smith challenges Iron Man – June 29-July 5: Thirty Twenty Ten

Hancock disappoints the public, Katy Perry kisses a girl, TV celebrates Independence Day, Banjo Kazooie and The Black Eyed Peas debut, Nintendo Power achieves multi-decade milestones, Harry Potter is becomes an official phenomenon, and Eddie Murphy makes his best movie! All that and more on this week’s Thirty Twenty Ten, your auditory journey back to the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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10 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy comes to America, Michael Bay brings about Armageddon, and Will Smith challenges Iron Man – June 29-July 5: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Matt talked about Transformers Animated when season 1 ended (and I think I responded then, too). It had problems that had nothing to do with Cartoon Network; the tone was all over the place (there is some FUCKED UP stuff in that show, some really brutal deaths and the Autobots as an organization have some war crimes in there), and the toys got delayed while the TV show got moved up. Basically, Wal-Mart demanded another six months of toys based on the Bay movie, so there were several waves of “new” toys that were nearly all repaints of things that had already come out. At the same time the ratings were good enough for season one that Cartoon Network moved up Season 2 (which was in the can). By the time TV toys actually started shipping, the show had cooled off some so Hasbro was ready to bail on Cartoon Network and move on to the next reboot. It’s probably my favorite 21st century iteration of Transformers, but the fact that it got 3 seasons is pretty surprising in that light.

  2. As an English football fan right in the midst of WORLD CUP FEVER, thought I would just add a little bit of colour to what Diana said about WC98 (this isn’t a sports fan complaining, nothing was wrong with what was said).

    After Beckham returned home from France (where WC 98 was played) he endured months of national anger towards him. He was booed at every game, hounded by the press and it even got to the point when people were burning effigies of him in the street.

    Luckily for sweet David, he was rather good at football, and he went on to win the Champions League with Manchester United the following year. But he was still hated by most of the English for his red in WC98.

    Cut to 2001, England have a free kick and need a goal to equalise against Greece to make it into the 2002 WC. Up steps D Beck, who curls in a trademark free kick to send us through. For English fans this is a genuine ‘where were you’ moment. The English fans and press largely forgave him and he is now considered a national treasure by many. He also scored a penalty against Argentina in the 2002 WC, falling to his knees in tears after he did it, his redemption complete.

    On Three Lions, it is co-wrote by Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, two popular, now rather old, stand-up comedians. It was so popular that the fans sing it in the stadium and right now in Russia, the tannoy plays it out when England get a goal. This is also why any English football fans that you follow on twitter keep saying ‘it’s coming home’ when England score.

    BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA WIN THE WORLD CUP/Get knocked out by Colombia (delete as appropriate)

  3. Chris, since you couldn’t take your eyes off Armageddon…would you say you Don’t Want to Miss A Thing?

  4. I LOVED “The Wackness”. For whatever reason shortly after its brief theatrical release I found the film online while frantically looking for anything related to Wu-Tang to consume. Although its probably my least favorite use of Method Man ever but idk…as a perpetually smoked out, anachronistic college kid frantically trying to get laid in an era before Tinder apps I really related to the main characters struggle. Plus theres Sir Ben fucking Kingsley, that beaaautiful soundtrack, the original LoZ gets some screen love and Jean Grey (Famke Jansen) is in it! It checked so many boxes for me, i burned that shit to a rewritable dvd and played it non stop on my PS2. The film is far from “Wackness” and this is the first mentioned Ive heard of it ever. Thanks for making my day.

  5. I just found out that ER lasted until 2009. . Like most people, I watched it when it was the hottest show on television in the 90s, and I just kind of trailed off and I have no idea what happened in the 2000s. But apparently it got pretty wacky with characters dying from helicopters and things like that. Any chance you guys can cover it in the 2000s segment? I kind of feel like how you feel about family matters, in that the later seasons are just like a comic book extension for me

  6. On a recent beach vacation, we landed in Cancun the day that Mexico won their first World Cup match. Driving through Playa del Carmen, we saw tons of Mexico jerseys and a giant celebration in the middle of town. Later in the week when Argentina played their first game, the one sports bar at our resort was packed to the rafters with white and blue and you could hear the “AR-GEN-TINA” chants all the way down at the beach.

    Being from a baseball town, I thought I knew what sports fans looked like. But you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve been to a country celebrating the fuggin’ World Cup.

  7. “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” isn’t a cover. Aerosmith didn’t write it, but it’s an original song.

  8. Banjo Kazooie is hands-down the best video game ever! I remember seeing that cowboy ad on TV but I could never remember the name of the game. I thought it was called Barracuda because I didn’t know what a barracuda was and it had the word “bear” in the title. (I was eight. Cut me some slack.)

    We ended up buying it from Blockbuster and I was hooked! My brother prefers the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, but I think the original is the best!

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