Monday Night Movie: Coming to America

As promised, the Monday Night Movie returns this July 9th with what science and Thirty Twenty Ten have officially determined to be Eddie Murphy’s greatest movie, Coming to America. Come celebrate T’challa’s favorite film with your pals at Laser Time, Monday at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific.)

I know it’s been a while, but you remember how the Monday Night Movie works, right? You grab a copy of the movie, join us here or on our Patreon at the scheduled time (9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific), sync up where we tell ya, and boom, we’re off and watching a movie together.

STREAM OVA. Become a Patron or head to Bandcamp for the commentary. 

This might be the last one we do for the non-Patron public for a while, so I encourage you to be here. And maybe grab a copy from Amazon if you really like us. After the stream, the commentary will be available to Patrons and on Bandcamp. Can’t wait to see ya’ll again!

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