When Actors Play Themselves – Laser Time #339

Dave and Diana join Laser Time for a little listening featuring our favorite moments when celebs perform as their all-time favorite characters: Themselves! Obviously, this can’t be a thorough list, so it’s up to you to let us know what we missed!




15 thoughts on “When Actors Play Themselves – Laser Time #339

  1. How y’all leave off Brothers Grimm , and miss the opportunity the play the clip “Donald Trump has aids”

  2. The Trip, the Michael Winterbottom TV series (in the UK) and film (in the US). Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan play themselves and it is brilliant. But you all already knew that.

  3. Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks in the Simpson’s movie “If you see me in person, please leave me be.”
    Garry Shandling show count? If not that time he was on the episode of X-Files as himself was good too.
    And Curb Your enthusiasm episode with Michael J Fox threatening to get Michael J *Fucked Up*

  4. Another fun one from the Ocean’s movies is Topher Grace appearing as himself at the start of the first two. First as one of the young actors Brad Pitt is teaching to play poker:


    Then in the second one all strung out and trashing a room in Pitt’s hotel. He even makes fun of his questionable career moves at the time:


    He doesn’t show up in 13 though. It sounds like a schedule conflict kept him out.

  5. I know Chris hates Scooby-Doo, but I gotta mention the season the The New Scooby-Doo Movies. You might be a bit familiar with it if you’ve seen Scooby meeting up with Batman or the Globetrotters. But they also met up with actors playing themselves. A couple of my favorites are Don Knotts and Dick Van Dyke.

  6. Glad that Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 got mentioned, that show is sadly overlooked but it amazingly good and definitely worth watching.

    Another great but short-lived show that got overlooked is the Rob Lowe sitcom The Grinder, where he plays a guy who played a lawyer on a long running popular show, the show opens with him quitting the show and moving back to his hometown, where his father (William Devane) and brother (Fred Savage) are actual lawyers and Rob Lowe thinks by playing a lawyer on TV for so long he’s also qualified to practice law. Midway through the show, Timothy Oliphant plays himself, the star of the spin-off show Grinder: New Orleans, trying to get the newly retired Rob Lowe’s Grinder character to come back and guest star on. Sadly only lasted a single season.

    Also can’t believe Arrested Development didn’t get mentioned at all, maybe its too easy to bring up Ron Howard (and his family), but Judge Reinhold (and William Hung) during the arc in season 3 were also great.

  7. With Saving Private Ryan showing up in Thirty Twenty Ten, I’m surprised there wasn’t any connective link to director Steven Spielberg playing himself in Austin Powers Goldmember (as well as Brittney Spears). Austin thought his directing lacked something, but he and “his friend” (Oscar) thought differently. He is also very agile when Mojo is activated.

    FYI, Weird Al’s cameo in Naked Gun II is the hooded menace threatening to kill the cops when Drebin opens the door and hits him. Ed tells him nice work, Frank just shrugs.

  8. I can’t believe Airplane!/Flying High never got a mention. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the pilot who insists he isn’t Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, including the kid calling him out.

    Special mention also goes to him in his cameo for Fletch.

  9. William Shatner as himself in “Free Enterprise”, where he is having trouble talking to women and looking for someone to help him make an epic film version of Julius Caesar where he plays all the parts.

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