Mission Impossible Explained! – Laser Time #340

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Mission Impossible but were afraid to ask! We’ve watched the TV series and every single Tom Cruise movie to sing a little praise for one of the most underrated, and longest lasting, blockbuster film franchises of all-time. This episode will self destruct almost immediately, but if you’re down for a deep dive into the adventures of Ethan Hunt and the IMF, please don’t disavow this podcast.


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7 thoughts on “Mission Impossible Explained! – Laser Time #340

  1. I hated the first movie so fucking much, because the 80s series was, along with Night Court, the first real “grown up” show I got into when I was 10 or so. Killing off the IMF and making it a movie about one dude saving the world, and making Phelps the villain, felt like an amazing slap in the face when I was 18. I keep meaning to re-watch it and run the series now that I’m a little more open minded, but I haven’t made the time.

  2. It took many months, but we finally have a new champion. The Most Indefensibly Absurd Thing Ever Said on the Lasertime Network is NO LONGER Antista’s “The Brady Bunch Movie might be the most clever, subversive movie of the nineties.”

    NAY! The new champion is the cortex-deadening, the sperm-curdling, the rewind-that-because-I-must-have-misheard-it quote in this episode, from Sara:

    “Tom Cruise is our greatest living actor.”

  3. So apparently my dad is one of those people that was pissed off that they turned the protagonist of the TV show into the villain of the first movie, I learned talking to him about the series the other day. Also, he’s definitely not a Tom Cruise fan.
    I’ve been watching the franchise after listening to this and seeing the stunts you guys described as they happen in the movie is pretty wild. I would have never expected that stunt with the knife in Mission: Impossible II.

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