Monday Night Movie: Mission Impossible

You Monday Night Movie, should you choose to accept it, is the original Ethan Hunt spystravaganza. It’s pure fun, an awesome 90s time capsule, and a great way to gear up for Tom Cruise’s latest adventure in Mission Impossible 6: Fallout! Be here at 9PM EST (6PM PT) and watch 1996’s Mission Impossible with us.

We gave our Patrons the choice of which Mission Impossible movie to watch, and daggum, they chose ever so wisely! If you haven’t seen the original 1996 film, prepare theyself for an adorable little precursor to one of the world’s longest-running, most beloved film franchises. Simply grab your own copy of the movie (via Amazon, or someplace more nefarious location, we wont judge) and be here at 9PM EASTERN.

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