Vidjagame Apocalypse 275 – Dead Gaming Trends

When some new innovation helps turn a game into a big hit, it tends to spread across the industry like wildfire. Sometimes, these trends stick around to form part of the familiar patchwork of modern vidjagames. We’re not talking about THOSE trends, however; this week, Trav “TurboBison” Foster joins Matt and Mikel for a chat about design ideas that were once widely mimicked, but now functionally dead.

Question of the Week:
What’s your favorite cheat code of all time?
(This episode was recorded in advance, so we’ll collect answers to this and last week’s QOTW and read ’em on next week’s show.)


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is You Are Dead by Joe Sparks.

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8 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 275 – Dead Gaming Trends

  1. QotW: Favorite cheat code of all time is either the Konami code or IDDQD for God Mode in Doom – especially hilarious in Heretic because it kills you instead.

  2. QotW: definitely the Konami code. It was the only way I saw the later levels of games as a kid in stuff Like TMNT 3. (Was a level select in that case)

  3. QOTW: When it comes to the actual cheat code itself, my favourite is Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls’ cheat “2ROKTOO” which enables Turok 2’s graphical enhancements to this weird little racing game.

  4. QOTW: My favorite cheat code is for the PC version of Spider-Man the Movie the Game. The code is GIRLNEXTDOOR and it replaces the Spidey model with Mary Jane. Fun enough, but not really worth writing here about. What makes this great was this real description I read on a cheat code and secret site at the time: “LESBIAN ACTION! Enter the code GIRLNEXTDOOR and play the final level. After defeating the Green Goblin, instead of seeing Spider-Man kiss Mary Jane, you’ll see two Mary Janes kiss!”

  5. I recently snagged a NES and SNES Classic, so I used the QR code to go to the site that has the original instruction manuals for all the games (why they aren’t just on the system is beyond me.) I remembered there being more extra pictures and stuff in a lot of them than I found this time, but a few of them have whole stories covering 10 or more pages, and most of them give you some story, which the NES games especially didn’t do in game most of the time. The online SMB manual does mention the Princess’s people being turned into bricks. When people praise current games, like the Souls games, for not giving you any kind of information, the way games of old did, I think they forget that a lot of the instructions for how to play were in the manuals, they didn’t have space to put them in games. These days it’s possible to tell a player in game what’s going on without holding their hand, but some games are still just not made in a way that makes sense, to ease the player into the experience.

  6. QOTW: Definitely the “Rosebud” cheat from the Sims. Giving me enough funds to build the dream house from my Sims. Only to get bored of them and start killing them off one by one

  7. My favorite cheat code was for Turok 2. It was BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND. It’s easy to forget that the hype train for Turok 2 was huge leading up to it. And one of the aspects of that was all the amazing weapons they were introducing. This cheat gave them all to you and they rocked! The graphic effects for the weapons were pretty great for the time.

  8. QOTW: Not exactly a favorite cheat, but my favorite thing were those small books full of cheats for all the games. I’m so amused that those books are still published, but games don’t have cheats anymore. Instead, the books just list all the achievements or trophies for every game. Just lists. There’s no help on how to achieve them or anything. I always get a chuckle when I see them at the store.

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