Stella’s Groove Returns, The Wrong Avengers, Tropic Thunder Rules, yet Mac and Me is Truly Offensive – Aug 10-16: Thirty Twenty Ten

The week giveth, the week taketh away! We’ve got one of the funniest movies of the 2000s, but the other decades feature the world’s worst movie with Avengers in the title, and the longest McDonalds commercial the ever charged a price for a mission. Plus Air Bud hits the gridiron, Jesus is temped, The Brat Pack heads west, Bionic Commando rearms, and we get an all-too brief visit from the Blade Squad. All that and more on this edition of Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was, 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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19 thoughts on “Stella’s Groove Returns, The Wrong Avengers, Tropic Thunder Rules, yet Mac and Me is Truly Offensive – Aug 10-16: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Having trouble playing/downloading this episode, on the website it doesn’t load, and on my podcast catcher it errors out

  2. I can’t download it either – but I hope you guys caught the Japanese cut of Mac and Me going around twitter where the kid gets shot in the back at the end. I… don’t THINK it’s a joke?

  3. Re: Clone Wars,

    It’s still canon, because it’s a George Lucas project. It’s the last thing he personally worked on before the Disney sale. What you see over the 5 seasons of that show is straight from the source and guided by him, and you can really see it in how it leans into the Saturday morning serial vibe. In fact, this is the only Star Wars thing that Lucas ever won a major competitive award for when the show won the Emmy for best animated program (presented by Carrie Fisher, no less):

    You can tell how much it affected him to be recognized for it in that clip. It’s very sweet.

  4. Actually no it wasn’t. The 2008 CGI Star Wars series was not no longer deemed canon, that’d be the 2003 2D micro series by Gennedy Tartakovsky you’re thinking of unfortunately. But that was no longer canon thanks to Lucasfilm WAY before Disney bought them. Which, pity because that was a solid series by the dude who made Samurai Jack. The CG kept stuff from that series though surprisingly like the bald Sith woman (I forget her name), even some of its voice actors like James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Tom Kane as Yoda. And apparently, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee were dubbed into their respective roles at the last minute when George Lucas decided the first few episodes should get a theatrical release and I heard apparently (I forget where, maybe it’s a rumor but I digress), Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee heard their soundalikes in the series and commented what was even the point of them coming back since the soundalikes sound much like them anyway.

    Though I do like the CGI series anyway and Ahsoka Tano, the sassy Jedi kid, got better as the series went on and became a badass by the time Rebels came along. She’s pretty popular and her voice actress Ashley Eckstein started a geek related fashion line for girls called Her Universe which, awesome. She’s done fashion for Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who themed clothes.

  5. Side note: I give a brief shout-out to #thirtytwentyten on a podcast I was on! It’s at around the 29 minute mark here : if you are curious.

    1988: I was a HUGE George Lucas fan in the early 90’s a time when his biggest recent “hit” was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I subscribed to Lucas Arts magazine, wrote him letters (until his secretary politely asked me to stop) and bought every VHS tape of every Lucas film I could find. Yes, I owned Howard The Duck. Yes, I owned More American Graffiti, and yes, I owned Tucker. This wasn’t a problem until one day a friend was over at my house talking about how weird some geeks (and this was before geek largely ceased to be a slur) could be in buying movies. How it was one thing to buy Star Wars but that he saw Tucker for sale and couldn’t imagine who would be insane enough to buy that film. He eventually found out that I had bought it and to this day I don’t know if was intentionally or unintentionally making fun of me.

    Young Guns is one of those movies that I watched tons of times but I’m not sure I ever really chose to watch it. My older cousin lived with us for a couple of years and Young Guns and Young Guns II were some of his favorite films so he watched them over and over and over again and as we were a one TV household I watched them to. In this day where my house has about…mentally calculating now… 8 separate devices capable of displaying movies/tv shows for the 4 people who live in it, I don’t think that is an experience my kids will ever have; watching something because it’s “on.”

    Return to Paradise – I never watched this film. Ever. But I took a vacation to Philippines by myself as a 20 year with money I saved up from working as a cashier and living with my Mom over the summer and this film’s trailer was seared, SEARED, into my memory. So much so that when a very hot Filipina asked me if I wanted to smoke pot with her, I said no out of fear inspired by this film’s trailer.

    Terry McMillan’s real life story sounds a lot more interesting than the story of how Stella Got Her Groove back. Given that the film is 20 years old, they could totally do a period film about the true life story mixed with the making of the film.

    The Avengers – I too was fooled! I wasn’t heavily connected to internet pop culture in 1998 and when I saw, in the newspaper, that THE AVENGERS was playing in theaters I was briefly thrilled only to have my bubble burst.

    Tropic Thunder – My only regret is that Ben Stiller’s character wasn’t Ben Stiller. All the other major actors play characters who could kinda-sorta-if-you-squint be interpreted as spoofs of themselves, except for Ben who was not thought of as an action hero in 1998.

  6. Like Diana, I was excited for the movie because I knew the show. Unlike her, I heard the toxic buzz and waited for video. Incidentally, there’s still new, cool things being done with the property outside TV. Big Finish makes radio plays and Boom puts out a comic called Steed and Mrs Peele. Both are pretty good if you’re a fan.

  7. Jesus. That Woody Allen segment was hard to listen to.

    “Just say you like his movies but he’s a cunt”

  8. I gotta give some love to Bangai-O Spirits. This game is a crazy shooter made by one of my favorite developers, Treasure. Probably the most notable feature of this entry in the series is that you can make levels and share them via sound files. You could play the file (which sounded like a modem accessing the internet) to transfer the song to another DS in the same room or you could upload a mp3 to the internet for anyone to easily access using the microphone on the DS. So I guess you could do more with that thing that just blow on it.

  9. I missed out on seeing the Clone Wars “movie” in theaters but did catch it on DVD later. I haven’t watched it in quite sometime but I remember my opinions echoing Diana’s pretty closely. Because of this, and the fact that it retconned the far better Dendre Tatakovsky mini series from several years prior, I quickly dismissed the show and didn’t end up checking it out for several years when it made its way to Netflix. I was pleased to discover that while some of the animation still seemed pretty janky and the humor at times was a little too “kiddy,” it was actually a half decent show. It fleshed out the universe, actually made Anakin a like able character, and even tackled some heavier topics like PTSD. Oh and let’s not forget that it brought back one of the most criminally underutilized Star Wars villains ever, Darth Maul. Thankfully Disney has kept it in the cannon and several characters have appeared in the newer Rebels animated series, which I have unfortunately not watched yet. This also means that pieces of the former Expanded Universe have wormed their way into canon as things like the planet Onderon, the Selkath from KOTOR, Republic Commandos, and the Mandalorians all appeared in the Clone Wars series.

  10. Dianna has hit the hat trick for me this week. Luv ya babe for that 😉
    NUMBER ONE: The Avengers. Thank you D for telling everyone about a 1960s treasure that EVEYONE should know about and love or not love.

    NUMBER TWO: Being the only one on the podcast that got that Ben Stiller was a parody of Tom Cruise. I was bloody OBVILOUS. Cute Sarah and smelly Chris whiffed on this one. What makes it perfectly sublime is that Tom Cruise is actually in the movie. This is one of my favorite comedies of all time because of its unbridled push for absurdity. I didn’t even realize that Tom Cruise was actually in the film until the very end. THAT is how good this movie is. I could go on and on but won’t.

    NUMBER THREE: ENZO FERRARI. Thank You D for invoking the very holy name of a very great man. As far as great Italians in history goes Enzo Ferrari beats Caesar by a long shot. But I am a motorhead and as a motorhead I must sing the praises of my great liege lord. Enzo got his first big start in racing with Alfa Romeo. By his sheer genius and hard work Enzo help to make Alfa Romeo a top contender in the European racing circuit of the day.

    One magical day Enzo decided to start his OWN racing marque and do it his way. His mantra is ‘We build cars on Monday so that we can win races on Sunday’. My glorious friend was in stark contrast to the other Auto makers of the day. Their mantra was ‘ Win on Sunday to sell cars on Monday’.

  11. I have to agree that the Clone Wars movie is a hard pass unless you’re really interested in seeing it in context of the show (which is way better than the movie). Other than that it’s an okay 4 episode arc of a show that has way better arcs and long-term storytelling later on the in the show.

    As others above have said, this isn’t the Clone Wars series that was decanonized. That was the 2003 series of shorts. This one survived and parts of its canon were spun off into Rebels, Rogue One, and Solo. Lucasfilm and Lucasarts have used the name “The Clone Wars” to title pieces of media at least 3 times since Attack of the Clones came out. The first time, that I can find, was a 2002 game made by Pandemic, who would later make the original Battlefront series.

  12. Mac and Me – For some reason, I remember having my Mom rent this movie from the library for me over and over as a kid, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it!

  13. A little late on this, but as someone who’s around Diana’s age, I just have to back up how crazy the freakout was over The Last Temptation of Christ when it came out. My best friend growing up had a pretty religious mom, but when The Last Temptation of Christ came out, I think it broke her mind or something. When I would go over to my friend’s house to hang out, it was like, *all* she would talk about for months, and the different products they were boycotting because of the movie because they we’re “supporting blasphemy”. Obviously, she never actually *saw* the movie, so I have no idea if she would’ve found it offensive if she’d actually watched it, but this was the kind of frenzy that was going on. And this is in liberal California! I can only imagine how crazy things got in the more conservative parts of the country.

  14. Because apparently I’m that guy, there aren’t TWO Santa Buddies movies. There is one Santa Buddies movie, and that spun off into TWO prequels focusing on a dog named Santa Paws. I still find it insane that the spinoff created its own spinoff.

    Also, with The Avengers, the British Avengers predates the Marvel Comics Avengers. The story goes that Stan Lee visited England and thought the Avengers name sounded cool. So he took it for his comic, assuming that no one in America would ever see the British Avengers.

    Lastly, Dame Diana Rigg rules. I think her Extras cameo is a highlight, when she lectures Daniel Radcliffe after he accidentally shoots a condom onto her face.

  15. My favourite segment of Tropic Thunder is when Ben Stiller’s character is forced to act out the entire Simple Jack movie as a stage show which includes one of his captors having to act as a mother character in a very Kubuki theatre style performance. I also loved Alpa Chino inserting a shameless plug for his Booty Sweat energy drink during a scene 😂

  16. Tucker: The Man and His dream has been added to streaming for free.. I’m a regular listener and I was thinking about this episode and I had to leave a comment!

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