Vidjagame Apocalypse 276 – Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Meeting a shark in a game isn’t all that uncommon – but when they’re full-on bosses, you’re probably in for something terrifying. This week, animal expert and LaserTime community superstar Cody “CajunCrippler” Laveau joins us to talk about five of the biggest, baddest shark bosses ever to swim the digital oceans, after which we’ll take a look at your favorite in-game currencies and cheat codes.

Question of the Week:
What’s your favorite vidjagame shark?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break songs are Deepest Bluest (Shark’s Fin) by LL Cool J and Shark Song by Stephen Lawrence, Madeline Sunshine, and Brian Meehl.

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9 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 276 – Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

  1. Zamtrios from Monster Hunter, cuz it’s a bitchin ice shark who can SWIM THROUGH ICE to attack you. That, and it’s a shark with four legs, making it one of the few video game sharks who you can face down on equal terms, and still get your ass kicked by, cuz it’s a bitchin ice shark.

  2. QotW: The best video game shark is the one I evolved in the SNES classic, E.V.O. I ate the hell out of my foes and evolved into a higher predator!

    1. That Jaws 19 was shown in theaters during Future Day in 2015 when theaters showed all 3 BttF movies…they’d show stuff like Jaws 19 as intermissions.

  3. Mikel, close the tag please.

    My favorite Shark is the Shark Car from the very first WarioWare. It’s a shark on wheels!! hahahahahaha.

  4. Since I’m a massive whuss, I’ve always been super scared of sharks in vidjagames and can’t really talk about a favourite. Instead, I’ll add my memorable encounters:
    The shark in Tomb Raider 2 that chases you in the underwater part where you are stripped of your gear (I wasted no time in effing up that bad boy once I picked up the harpoon!), Resident Evil’s Neptune, and the Dreamcast ECCO Great White.
    Honourable mention must go to the shark that chases you in NES Snake, Rattle & Roll on the NES/Megadrive as soon as you hot water, and the Jaws theme strikes up, and introduces instant panic!

  5. so are you guys gonna talk about the IGN dead cells plagiarism? I’d be interested to hear VGA’s thoughts, especially being from the games/journalist industry, as well as content creators yourselves. The accused had an apology video that he’s now deleted

  6. QotW: THE FUCKING LURKER SHARK from the first Jak and Daxter. It’s a great example of a shark as a spirit barrier. My memory of first encountering that terrifying beast as it ate me alive has stuck with me to this day. Fear the lurker shark.

  7. In Batman: Arkham City, The Penguin’s Iceberg lounge has ironically become frozen over. “Bruce” has to tip-toe around on the ice so as not to alert the Shark underneath the ice. No Aquaman or Bat-Shark repellent spray to help him out in this game.

  8. QOTW. Jonathan “Johnny” Jones from Super Mario RPG. He’s a pirate captain who is first a boss, but becomes your ally after you defeat him. He even comes to your aid during a cutscene.

    Another favorite shark that’s not a character is the land shark gun from the forgotten Lucasarts game Armed and Dangerous. You fire the gun, a fin swims around on land and a shark comes up to eat any enemies it finds.

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