VidjaGame Apocalypse 277 – Tropic Thunder

Mario at the Beach

Summer isn’t over quite yet, so the VGA boys are packing up their board shorts and Hawaiian shirts and taking a vacation to some of our favorite digital destinations — of the tropical variety, that is. This week, Mikel, Matt, and Chris are joined by returning guest Tim Turi to talk about our favorite vidjagames that take place on and around tropical islands.

Question of the Week:
If you could visit any tropical vidjagame destination, where would it be?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break songs are Deepest Bluest (Shark’s Fin) by LL Cool J and Shark Song by Stephen Lawrence, Madeline Sunshine, and Brian Meehl.

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5 thoughts on “VidjaGame Apocalypse 277 – Tropic Thunder

  1. QotW: I’d either pick Summers from Earthbound or Yo’ster’s Island in Mario RPG. I’m a sucker for tropical music riffs!

  2. I was the only person that pre-ordered Super Mario Sunshine from my local Gamestop. Here in the midwest, Nintendo was pretty dead during that era. I doubt that the “Clean is better than dirty” ad campaign helped much. I think you guys have some nostalgia goggles on regarding the reception of the game. I really liked it personally though.

  3. ‘Genuinely’ upset that Riiiiiiiidge Raceeeeeer was missed of the list. As a petrol head I’d love to go to a tropical island where people spend all day drifting cars around narrow mountain roads — a bit like Initial D. Plus the epic sound tracks throughout the series prove the after dark parties would be great. Best of all to Brit living under grey skies and constant threat of down pours, is that the PS1’s lack of processing power means zero percent chance of rain.

  4. This episode brought back memories of the summer of ’09, when I played through The Sims 2: Castaway on the Nintendo DS. The island setting of that game was pleasant and featured some cool hidden areas, but I wouldn’t want to be stranded anywhere too long with only Sims to talk to.

    The game itself was pretty meh, and I probably would have forgotten about it immediately after playing it, if it weren’t for my memory of the EB Games employee who voiced open disdain when I traded it in. It felt a bit like I’d given the wrong gift to a snobby Harvest Moon character.

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