The Many Faces of Sacha Baron Cohen – Laser Time #345

Comic. Clown. Chameleon. Political Satirist. Whatever it is you want to call what Sacha Baron Cohen does, he’s undoubtedly the best entertainer working in that unnamed field. So with season (series?!) finale of Who is America, we’re taking a look back at all the wonderfully weird characters Cohen has brought to life. Oh yes, it’s a Laser Time listening party featuring some of the most hilariously uncomfortable clips in the history of comedy!


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6 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Sacha Baron Cohen – Laser Time #345

  1. man even in audio form Ali G is still classic. Had to hold in my laughter listening. Ali G’s still my favorite interviewer out of the 3. My favorite WIS segment was the food critic…and I guess he was so ashamed he doxxed himself from the internet. His website is gone, his social media, etc.

  2. It’s ironic you mention Eric Andre because he also writes and produces a brand new show that’s also a bit like Ali G Mostly 4 Mellenials where the heavily disguised host interviews a lot of YouTube and Instagram celebreties. Though it feels a bit more scripted like a Tim and Eric show skit.

  3. Wow, great show! Even though I checked out at the trailers for Borat and have not watched any of his films after Ali G. I have to say hearing you guys wax poetic about these movies made me want to watch them. As we speak I am 5min into Brüno for the first time. I hope one day when/if he ever stops doing this sort of comedy for film or TV that he does a ton of interviews and books about the behind the scenes stories of how these movies got made and the stories that happened while filming.

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