Back To School – Vidjagame Apocalypse 279

To mark the end of August and any lingering summer vacations, this week’s show takes a look at five games set largely in schools (just in case you thought games were any escape). What’s more, we’re expanding our scope this week to talk about new releases and news, including Donut County and Gamescom impressions, and then we’ll finally look at your ideal in-game tropical getaways and favorite starter weapons.

Question of the Week:
What’s a game that helped you get through your school years?


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9 thoughts on “Back To School – Vidjagame Apocalypse 279

  1. Definitely the JRPGs got me through school because I was always too chicken to commit to something like God of War or Legend of Zelda or Super Mario. I spent much of Junior High playing Pokemon Red and Gold because I was not trusted to get tv console. When I finally did in high school, did I play Final Fantasy X or XII? Nope, borrowed my friend’s copies of VII and VIII to see what was the hoopla. I spent an entire school year maximizing my stats! In college I discovered Persona and played through the two PS2 entries. Thinking back on it, time flies and I wish I spent a little less time playing more time figuring out what I really wanted to do for profit.

  2. QotW: In elementary, Contra, Punch, Mario were the games that helped me get through school. Middle school I was slightly obsessed w/ FF7 so that got me through school. High School was starcraft parties with the homies…and finally, college was filled with lots of sessions of Gunbound, FFT, and that zelda multiplayer game for GCN that used GBA’s

  3. QotW

    Whatever the most recent Mario was. That world is just so pleasant and colorful. It’s always been my favorite franchise.

  4. My high school run was all about the Dreamcast and NeoGeo pocket, specifically the fighting games. Any classes I shared with my friends, we would spend the whole time talking about games like Powerstone 2, King of Fighters 98, and Street Fighter Alpha 3. During lunch breaks, we use to bring in a dreamcast and play Capcom vs SNK for the entire duration, and every friday after school was spent together playing these games. We also immediately loved the NeoGeo pocket, and use to play it right in the middle of a class! We never got busted, but I also got the impression all of our teachers would rather be elsewhere every day they came in.

  5. There’s quite a few but I suppose the one most worth mentioning is the advance wars series. I transferred schools Jr. year, going from a spacey open campus to a gated and densely packed, closed campus. The kids were dicks too. Luckily, I managed to latch on to a handful of like-minded nerds and we bonded over an unending rivalry in advance wars. It went as far as each of us pulling other kids into the fold as our “students”, imparting our knowledge and helping them to develop their own approach, and then sicking them on each other. It was a ton of fun.

    For the record and played a defense-oriented Andy throughout the series with Hachi (in the second game) and Sasha (in the 3rd) as my alternates.

  6. Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64 turned into a major bonding experience for me and a few new friends when I was about 14, and I’m still friends with several of them all these years later. There’s something incredibly cathartic about making your teachers in the game’s create-a-wrestler mode and then throwing them into the ring together.

    Something about that game and its follow up No Mercy was perfectly balanced in a way that no other wrestling games have been since. The menu music from Wrestlemania 2000 alone still takes me back to 1999 to this day.

  7. I have a lot of great gaming memories from my school years, and gaming in general helped me get through it all. But Guitar Hero and Rock Band really changed everything. They hit while I was in high school and not only did I piss away all my time on them but my friends did it with me! I had friends over after school pretty much every day to rock out and periodically I would host full-on parties with a couple dozen people over to just jam for a while. So not only did these games serve me well individually, they also helped me bond with a great number of people in the way I least expected

  8. SO damn glad the raccoon is back! Miss all those old segments, glad to hear all the laughs and enjoyment this episode brought myself and surely others. Love the old format woot!

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