An Elm Street Nightmare: Season 2 Preview – Friday the 13th Part 1

Just in time for Halloween, Elm Street Nightmare is back, baby! Well, sort of… There are some issues. Focusing on Friday the 13th, this seasonal, 10-part exploration of the Friday the 13th series will live exclusively on the Laser Time Patreon at the $5 level. Maybe it will unlock to the public, maybe it won’t. Maybe Lizzie will die in the first episode! But we’re doing it, so here’s a free taste for all to enjoy.


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8 thoughts on “An Elm Street Nightmare: Season 2 Preview – Friday the 13th Part 1

  1. Cool, last year I had gotten all the Nightmare movies right before this started, and this year I have the first eight Friday movies! I thought Child’s Play would be the next series Chris did, but I haven’t gotten those yet, so I’m glad Friday is coming now.

  2. This is a pleasant surprise. I thought Season 2 was gonna be about Child’s Play and having never seen any of those I was kinda indifferent to the idea. But Friday the 13th movies are my favorite of that genre AND the return of Dave makes me very excited for this!

  3. I listened to the first 20 minutes and then realized I really wanted to actually watch Friday the 13th (I never have) before I listened to the rest, so I did! My notes:

    I played a decent amount of the video game, and really enjoyed it. One of my most memorable gameing experiences of.the Last couple years in fact. And the very first shot in this spam took me back to the video game, where as I’m sure for most people the video game took him back to the very first shot in the film.

    Giving someone come fuck me eyes while singing hallelujah. Nice.

    The score and sound effects are rock solid. They both deserve to be in the zietgiest.

    “ these teenagers just got slashed while they were about to fornicate. What a refreshing and novel idea.“ -Someone in 1980, probably.

    The time jump from the opening scene in the 1950s to 1980 when the film was sad, is longer than the time between when the film came out and now.

    Prophet of doom /The Harbringer. I wonder if I should try watching this pretending that it’s taking place in the cabin in the woods universe?

    If this is the sole survivor she is getting warned and warned and warned not to go.

    So camp crystal lake is in New Jersey. Interesting.

    Baby Kevin Bacon! He is so incredibly young!

    We are only about 16 years away from the centenary of camp crystal lake.

    For the original audience, all the talk about camp crystal lake has absolutely zero significance.

    Did anyone here ever go to summer camp? Did you ever tell horror stories at it?

    Wow. That guy just seriously risked that woman’s life. He shot an arrow and yeah he hit the mark, but he Missed her only by inches.

    I wonder if the bow and arrow is gonna come in to play later on.

    This is some solid cinematography. They have a killer killing in first person so we don’t know who it is. And it looks like the killer just picked up what I thought was the protagonist, and now he’s chasing her through the woods. They’re keeping the suspense rather high. sound cues help good deal of course

    Not the final girl.

    Ned is a super asshole. I get that it’s a comedy staple, but I’ve never found the idea of mouth-to-mouth recusitatuin remotely erotic.

    The dialogue about killing a snake is pretty natural actually. I could totally see real teenagers talking like this.

    Then the talking with the officer seems like a group of Martians are attempting to simulate a human conversation

    So yeah, a lot of sex scenes in this phone. Serious question: why do horror films mix in sex so much?

    Strip monopoly!

    How fast does a dead human body begin to stink? They’re making love with a corpse above them, and they don’t notice it.

    (Also, I’m glad Ned died. Glad I tell you, glad!)

    Strip monopoly actually looks like a horrible wait to play any strip game.

    Baby bacon is smoking the marijuana and then he got killed. Let that be a lesson to you Colorado!

    Physical evidence that it is cold at camp crystal lake.

    In this movie people scream and stand still when it looks like a sharp object is coming towards them. I wonder what the actual science of criminal investigation says most people do in the same circumstance.

    Car won’t start. I guess the video game got it from the first movie

    The cop complaining about rising crime rates is statistically accurate. Crime increased all throughout the 60s and 70s. 1980 wasn’t the peak but it was way way higher than what a middle-aged person would’ve remembered as “normal”.

    The bow and arrow did come back into play, but not as a weapon used against the killer, but as a weapon the killer used.

    Girl is pretty darn smart at McGuyvering stuff found in a cabin to barricade herself.

    Wow. This movie seriously suffers from Citizen Kane syndrome. This scene with Mrs. Voorhees would be so much more powerful if I didn’t know the twist.

    Mrs. Voorhies must’ve spent the last 20 years pumping iron to do some of the things she did in this film.

    Damn! This children’s camp has enough rifles for a squad

    The final girl has hulk strength to decapitate someone with a machete !

    I don’t know about the other films, but the game does an amazing job of re-creating the feel, the look, and the overall tine of this film ( save that you can’t play as Miss Vorhees).

    What the fuck!!!!! Was that-

    Oh, a dream. _Or was it?_ Eh… usually I would complain but that was pretty well done.

    Honestly, that was a lot higher quality of film that I expected. There were incredibly cheesy moments, but there were also some moments of actually good and realistic dialogue which I wasn’t expecting.

    I purposefully ended it with a huge sequel o’clock, which also kind of surprised me as my understanding is that no one saw it being the huge hit it was.

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