Star Wars Sans Jedi – Vidjagame Apocalypse 283

Not everyone can swing a lightsaber or use the Force, and this week, the legendary Chris Baker joins us to talk about five Star Wars games whose heroes got by with little more than blasters and sheer grit. Then it’s on to chat about Valkyria Chronicles 4, Telltale’s surprise shutdown, and your favorite celebrity performances in games.

Question of the Week:
Who’s your favorite Star Wars character that originated in games?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is IG-88’s ’57 Chevy by MC Chris.

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Sans Jedi – Vidjagame Apocalypse 283

  1. QotW: Dash Rendar, mostly because he’s the only frame of reference of an original SW video game character I’ve played, doesn’t hurt Shadows of the Empire was a great game too.

  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was hyped to have some new badass imperial heroine, but the story just ended up being a standard heel-face turn campaign. But the game did have one stand out character which was Shriv, Landos long-suffering , morose Duros partner who spends most of the game aware of his thankless role as a secondary support character.

  3. As a stinking meatbag that hates other meatbags HK-47 appealed to the dankest recesses of my misanthropic heart. Canderous was a close second for me. He stood amongst a woefully limited few in Knights of the old that didn’t run off at the mouth writing checks their asses couldn’t cash. He had a very lucrative ass if you get my meaning. Also they both have my undying love for making fun of Carth.

    Seriously though, humans suck and so does Carth.

  4. Lava Beast Jawenko in Super Star Wars.

    Remember in the movie when Luke had to travel into the bowels of the Sandcrawler, remorselessly slaughtering jawas to save a robot because some robot asked him to? Well, for the video game, there obviously had to be a boss at the end of the level designed around this famous scene. And thus did we all learn of the lava beast, who apparently just loves chilling and bobbing up and down in pools of hot sand.

  5. I know it’s obvious but Kyle Katarn. With a lineage going all the way back to 1995’s Dark Forces he is actually one of the original Expanded Universe characters and, quite frankly, I think all of his games are great! I would’ve said Admiral Thrawn, because he appeared in 1994’s Tie Fighter on PC, but he debuted in the book Heir to the Empire three years earlier.

  6. Mikel, your driving me crazy as I listen to this podcast! Go to! All of these games are on there and all you need to do is install the game. They do all the work for you. It will run on any windows operating system! DO IT NOW! It’s very gamer friendly. It’s CD Project Red’s store after all.

  7. Jaden Korr from Jedi Academy is my favorite. I don’t care if the Riptide and Crosscurrent books ruined the character by making Jaden a human male. Jaden Will always be a twilek female who wields two yellow lightsabers in my head canon.

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