Freddy Krueger comes home, Super Mario Bros gets its first sequel, Bill Murray rules underground in a movie no one remembers – Oct 5-11: Thirty Twenty Ten

America gets its own Super Mario sequel, Charmed bewitches TV, Golden Girls gets a spin-off, Eddie Murphy is divine, Phoebe gives birth to triplets, the record industry sues an MP3 player, and Russel Crowe, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Bill Murray are in movies no one remembers. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, you’re podcast look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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19 thoughts on “Freddy Krueger comes home, Super Mario Bros gets its first sequel, Bill Murray rules underground in a movie no one remembers – Oct 5-11: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I need to educate you three on other Horror films because Quarantine is a US remake of Rec, a Spanish speaking Horror film. I think it did get a home video release months before the film was released. From what I’ve been told, the remake was kind of the same, just with a few differences. In the original Rec, the zombie plague was supernatural like think Exorcist in a way. The remake was more biological with the typical plague by disease kind of thing. At the time I saw this film, eh, may have figured that shot in the trailers and TV spots would be the ending but I quite liked it all the same. The shot of someone being dragged into darkness is a creepy sight to see.

    And really, looking back, it’s one of the better found footage movies and it was at least effective. I do at least recommend it for a watch if you’re curious.

    Other stuff to say? Freddy’s Nightmares I quite enjoy still. More Freddy Krueger the better. Admittedly, I’ve been watching the Freddy segments from the show on YouTube recently. Personal favorite being him 86’ing a sitcom cast where he summed up my feelings on Full House (“You whiny little yuppies! You call that a story?!”) And the original Charmed, fuck that show. Bring on the Latina witches reboot. I’ve seen the retrospective series by Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa) and just, wow. It got worse as it went on. Everyone became an unlikeable douche, the continuity is inconsistent and all over the place. Like to name one example, witches have these guardians called white lighters who are like guardian angels. But then, actual guardian angels showed up which would render the existence of white lighters pointless but it didn’t. And for some reason, when no one has a guardian angel, people have bad luck. Leprechauns exist in the show FYI.

    And what kills me is that they made an episode about the witches turning into werewolves because of PMS on a literal blue moon. To which I say to the entire staff of the show; fuck you Charmed, Ginger Snaps did that PMS metaphor better. Also, doesn’t help it rendered its feminist themes hypocritical given the amount of ridiculous fanservice. Then again, Brad Kern took over the show and well, dude got fired from CBS recently over sexual harassment. Make of that if you will. Plus, Rose McGowan is transphobic trash (doesn’t help she supports Victor Salva and Asia Argento, noted child molesters).

    You see why I am looking forward to the reboot so, so much? It looks genuinely great anyway.

  2. oooh, the aliens on Alien Nation scared me to death growing up.

    My mom and I would watch Empty Nest on Saturday nights, I remember the dog was a big deal, Joe Isuzu was his neighbor, and Alice from The Critic worked at his doctors office.

    It drives me batty that the vo guy in the Mario commercial says his name “Mayrio”.

    Kath & Kim was sooo bad! I remember always watching the tail end of it right before Office (“let’s get ethical! ethical!”). You couldn’t believe that they were a mother/daughter.

    So is the comment show unlocked or not? I haven’t seen it on the pateron in a long time.

    1. As a British person the way Americans say Mario confuses me. It’s not often you guys put an extra sound in 😋

  3. I saw One Tough Cop at a free preview screening on campus. It was fucking excruciating and the first time i had ever seen a movie with a disclaimer that it while Bo Dietl was a real person, none of the events in the story happened. Later I found out about his terrible Dirty Harry masturbation fantasy novels and extensive branding operation.

  4. For the benefit of Sarah, Victor Garber played a butler in an episode of Frasier. May have played others too in fairness.

  5. Long time listener, first time poster. I”m a big fan of the podcast but I felt compelled to post when I heard you guys scoffing over the trailer to The Mighty. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this film but I had to write to defend it as a lesser known, gem of a kids film. I was a projectionist at a theater while I was in college and I ran screenings for our theater booker. He’d watch movies about a month in advance and to decide how many prints to order from the studio and I got to watch the movies for free. It was a sweet gig when I got to see the big blockbusters in advance but that meant I also had to suffer through Fire Light and other boring indies. However, I would catch these great little movies that never made it to the theater. I caught Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Cemetery Man and The Mighty!

    I’m here to say that while Sharon Stone’s face is on the poster the real stars of this movie are Kieran Culkin (the most talented Culkin) and Elden Henson. It’s a sweet kids film in the spirit of Stand By Me or Bridge to Terribethia about two kids who are social outcasts – Kieran is intelligent but handicapped while Elden is a big but dim – that forge a special friendship.

    The movie is narrated by Elden. He’s been held back a year because of a personal tragedy (so he’s the biggest kid in middle school) and is convinced he has a dinosaur brain. Kieran moves in next door and the two form a Master/Blaster friendship where Elden carries Kieran on his shoulders. Kieran teaches Elden about books and King Arthur and the two go on “quests” around the city of Cincinnati (more likely Canada) as if they were a Knight of the Round Table. Harry Dean Stanton and Gena Rowlands are great as Elden’s grandparents, Meat Loaf as a pivitol part and Gillian Anderson is fantastic as his trashy girlfriend, playing against her Scully image. Oh, and the Sting song is catchy.

    Give it a chance.

  6. Alien Nation was pretty cool for its time. Also Diana, your shout out to Yentl reminded me if somethjng I wanted to share from last year but I missed it the first time around. Remember the Streisand movie ‘Nuts’? Apparently Rex Reed referred to it as ‘Mentl’.

    Love the show. Take it easy, gang. 🙂

  7. Super Mario Brothers 2: This may be the first home video game I remember playing for the first time. Oh, I got games before this one, but I have no memory of playing them for the first time. When I look in my memory bank for that of SMB1 or even Zelda, it’s just a bunch of “Here there be dragons.” But not for SMB2. Me and my sister were both incredibly pumped for that game. And when we got it? Well, keep in mind that we really didn’t have any idea of what a radically different sequel could mean for playing a game; Pac-Man to Ms. Pac-Man was pretty much the standard. Starting the game by falling? Wow! Jumping on a creature and finding your character riding it instead of carrying it? Mind blown. Figuring out, with no internet and not even any magazines, that you threw a beaker bottle on the grown to create a magical door to take you to a secret world? Screams of wonder echoed through our house when that happened. It was a hell of a game and I look forward to the day my kids are old enough to play it with me, even though I know it will never make the mark on their memories it did in mine. How could it?

    Alien Nation: I never watched the movie but I loved the TV show and even read a couple of novelizations of the TV movies. I wonder how it holds up in 2018?

    As someone who believes in the power of art and entertainment, I think the effects of the fall of the monoculture, although talked about constantly, are still probably undervalued in discourse. And believe it or not but The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer is an excellent example this. It received a 1.6 Nielson rating in 1998 and was therefore canceled almost instantly. However! If it were on today and it received that same 1.6 Nielson rating it would tie with the following shows:
    NCIS: New Orleans CBS
    60 Minutes CBS
    Hawaii Five-0 CBS
    The Blacklist NBC
    Designated Survivor ABC
    Kevin Can Wait CBS
    Lethal Weapon Fox
    Superstore NBC
    All of which got a 1.6 average for the 2017-2018 year. When a joke of a show on UPN in 1998 could get the same number of asses-on-couches watching it as hit shows of today, you get a real grasp of just how much the entertainment sphere has fractured.

    The Duchess: I have the book it’s based on. I’m a huge history nerd and I wanted to know more about the British aristocracy of the 18th century (as one does) and so naturally it was added to my “Read this when you have unlimited amount of time and energy to read whatever you want” pile and has remained there since. That pile has continued to grow for some odd reason. I have no idea why.

    The Office: Circling back to the death of the mono-culture: I was wondering if The Office was the last comedy sitcom that had super widespread appeal. I knew a lot of people in different phases of life in 2008 (Retired people, people with jobs and family, and kids in school) who all loved the Office and but I don’t know of any comedy sitcoms of today that are big so I decided to google it and … Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory gets about the same amount of viewers each weak as The Office did, roughly speaking. Ok, now I’ve gone and made myself sad.

  8. Oh man you guys left out one of the best scenes of “Business Ethics” — When Jim is trying to clock Dwight for wasting company time and he and Andy get into a discussion about Battlestar Galactica and the look on Dwight *CRINGING* when Jim is like “It’s just a shot for shot remake of the original.” That is one of my goddamned favorite scenes in the entire show.

  9. You guys briefly mentioned Ministry’s album “The Land of Rape and Honey” in the 1988 segment. I’m not defending the title, because it is pretty edgy and thyroid. But there is a weird backstory to it. I live in Saskatchewan (Canada), and there’s a small town here named Tisdale that had a sign outside with the official town motto, “The Land of Rape and Honey.” I’ve driven past the sign multiple times. Rape here refers to rapeseed i.e. canola, since canola and honey are two of the main regional exports. Despite repeated complaints, Tisdale didn’t drop the slogan until 2016. Their new slogan is “Opportunity Grows Here,” which is way less likely to inspire industrial album titles.

    1. Goddamn, I wish I could edit that post. For some reason “tryhard” autocorrected to thyroid. So “edgy and thyroid,” not “edgy and thyroid.”

  10. What? No mention of The Munsters Today? Every time I say Jason Marsden in something I would think of him as Eddie Munster.

    And also Extreme-G is a four game series not three. You probably missed XGRA the followup to XG3.

  11. So, I never saw “Holy Man”, but I will never forget the trailer commercial for it; I swear on one of them, one of the ladies repeated D-Generation X’s “I’ve got two words for you: SUCK IT!” phrase, and that always blew my mind!

    Also, Chris your impressions and slam poetry flow were impeccable this episode! Had me laughing so hard. So glad the comment show is back!!!

  12. U2 is one of my favourite bands and their release of Rattle and Hum included my fave song All I Want is You. I was convinced U2 would never come to my home city of Winnipeg so I ended up seeing them in Vancouver, Sydney Aus, Minneapolis and Montreal. They ended up playing All I Want Is You in Sydney a few days before my bday and announced a show in Winnipeg where they played the song again. Best tour EVER

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