Attack of the Chainsaw Maniacs – Vidjagame Apocalypse 286

Pair an unstoppable hunter with one of the most threatening power tools ever devised, and you’ve got a recipe for sheer terror. This week, Jorge Albor of EXP Podcast joins us to talk about hulking, chainsaw-wielding badasses who chased us through classic horror games, after which we talk Starlink: Battle for Atlas, more WWE 2K19, Red Dead Redemption 2’s crunch hours, and your most beloved monster protagonists.

Question of the Week:
If you could make your console start up with any sound, what would it be?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Power Off! Power On! by Masaya Matsuura.

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10 thoughts on “Attack of the Chainsaw Maniacs – Vidjagame Apocalypse 286

  1. QotW: my start up sound would be Mr. Burns telling me I’m good at turning him on. Who wouldn’t want that?

  2. QotW: I honestly still love the original Xbox start-up sound. I still hear it whenever I start up my Hyperkin Xbox One Duke even though there’s obviously no sound for that tiny LED screen on the controller.

  3. I’ll answer here for now since I dont see the post up in the facebook group yet, probably add it there as well: This is probably going to be a controversial answer, since I get the feelings these days its no longer “cool” or “ok” to love or even like south park (its becoming the next fight club), but you know what, i still fucking love south park. I would absolutely love to boot up a system and here the classic “OKAMA GAMESPHERE” because it would take me back to a happier, easier time in my life, watching south park with my uncle before he died tragically young. The gamesphere was one of my favorite easter eggs in the south park games and that episode also brought us Towelee, making his big return in this weeks episode for the first time since season 14 in 2010, and the classic “you shouldn’t have done that, hes just a boy”

  4. I’ve already used it as a text tone but the VS screen music from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike would be my system start up sound.

    1) It’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s entered the “new world of Street Fighter 3”
    2) It’s not long enough to get annoying
    3) It’s a sick guitar riff so what’s not to love (also immensely happy that G who is a nod to Q is absolutely godlike in 5)

    Also, it might be just me, but, it feels like alot of random people have the Metal Gear Solid codec ring. That or one of the hugely popular phone manufacturers have stolen it and it’s now a stock sound. I hear it all the time right along side whatever Apple’s annoying default one is.

  5. I would pick the Owen Wilson saying “Wow” sound for the Xbox One because that would be a better novelty than the Taco Bell Dong. But actually I would pick Elliot Kalan ‘s impression as it cracked me the f-k up. Think about it, wouldn’t you like the comforting sound of the best Wilson brother let you know that the greatest gaming machine is starting up just fine?

  6. QOTW: I want it to say “The royal penis is clean, your highness”. No reason really, I just want it.

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