The Very Best of The Twilight Zone – Laser Time #353

Wrapping up a month of chills and thrills, we’re joined by a very special guest to talk about our favorite episodes of one of the best shows ever to grace the airwaves. As an anthology show with a rotating cast and plot, certain episodes may be hit or miss, but that’s what makes The Twilight Zone so fun to watch, and rewatch for the last six decades. Part of its charm is its brevity and wit, its oddly timeless aesthetic, and of course, the man behind the scenes, Rod Serling. We’ll be talking about all of that, as well as dispensing our Top 10 fave T-Zones! Of course, we encourage you to share your favorite Twilight Zone eps, and/or your favorite anthology shows in the comments below…


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10 thoughts on “The Very Best of The Twilight Zone – Laser Time #353

  1. Walking Distance is just a spectacular episode dealing with nostalgia and not letting yourself be disillusioned with life when you become an adult. It’s more stage play then sci-fi episode but it’s phenomenally done. Any of the 1985 series episodes that are based on short stories by the recently departed Harlan Ellison are worth a watch too.

    Now for a separate series Are You Afraid of the Dark had some low lows when it came to bad episodes/acting/etc. When it was good it was rather exciting, a lot of it’s ideas were quite original at least. The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark where they never show the actual Clown coming after the kid, the Ghastly Grinner, The Tale Of The Walking Shadow, and The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle are all some of my favorites. The show also includes a minor list of D grade guest stars of the 90’s. *Gilbert Gottfried and Ryan Gosling even share an episode.

    Supposedly there’s going to be a movie next year, and while it will be cool to see how the actors have aged if they bring them back, I can’t say I anticipate it as being any good. Here’s hoping though, and here’s Hot Dad’s Are You Afraid of the Dark.

  2. Well done everyone, you’re making me want to finally watch all of TZ straight through; there’ s a lot of interesting stuff here I’ve simply never seen.

    As for that 1985 series, you should check out the episode Shatterday, a very early Bruce Willis performance that is fantastic.

    One of our museums here in Chicago has not a dollhouse, but the Thorne Miniature Rooms that were all made in the ’40s and it’s a fantastic gallery to walk through and see this tiny little rooms that are maybe a foot wide.

  3. Not too big a fan of TZ…but I vividly remember one episode I saw…it was where a slot machine would follow a guy. I don’t remember why, however.

    1. The Fever.
      A kinda silly episode, but they did a great job making the jingling of coins sound like the machine was seductively whispering “Franklin…” to drive the guy insane.

  4. Just digging into this episode, so I haven’t heard the show’s picks yet. But here’s my top ten, while you guys warm it up:
    (in no particular order)
    1. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
    2. Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
    3. It’s a Good Life
    4. Walking Distance
    5. The Invaders
    6. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
    7. Nick of Time
    8. Penny For Your Thoughts
    9. Eye of the Beholder
    10. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    Even this is a bloodletting, since I had to leave off The Midnight Sun, and Mirror Image, and The Silence, and SO many more. Favorite show ever.

  5. Legitimately baffled by the affection for The Hunt. It has never struck me as anything but pandering and lazy writing, and the lead actor is weirdly stiff and wooden. I hear it brought up a lot in glowing reminiscence, though, so maybe I’m just a curmudgeon on this.

  6. I’m not sure if it’s shown in the US, but there’s a BBC series called Inside No.9 written by part of the League of Gentlemen. It’s an anthology series, some episodes are comedy, some are horror, some are both. Most have twists and they’re nearly all brilliant

  7. “Help! There’s a climate change on the wing of the plane!”
    “Sir please settle down, there’s no such thing as climate change”

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