Laser Time Halloween Animation Festival

I recently hosted a Halloween Cartoon Showcase at my local theater, so of course we wanted to find a way to give you fine supporters of the Laser Time Patreon with some way of getting in on this one-time-only, earth-shattering live event (Thanks again to Cap City Video Lounge!) That didn’t entirely work out… but we tried to salvage the goods, and damned if it didn’t turn out to be one of the coolest Patreon incentives we’ve ever done. Brace yourself for almost two hours of classically spooky cartoons hosted by famed Online Cartoon Boy, Christopher Fauntleroy Antista. It’s all yours, included in any $5 or more a month Patronage, and that’s in addition to over 100 full-length movie commentaries, our weekly bonus podcast Bonus Time, and the limited seasonal series, An Elm Street Nightmare: Season 2 all about the Friday the 13th series/Jason Voorhees.

In this patrons-only video you’ll basically get to see some of the Halloween cartoons Laser Time has spent the last few years talking about in their entirety. I honestly just wanted to create one of those Halloween clip packages Disney and Warner Bros used to make for television back in the day that I used fucking cherish. But even if you want to skip past my chubby trivia, you’re basically getting almost two hours of timeless, uncut animation, which, in some cases, certain cartoons companies *cough*Disney and WB*cough* don’t make easy to see. Lemme know what you think, because obviously I’d like to put together more live cartoon showcases with a Patreon component for those who don’t live in the area and could never hope to attend. (Christmas is coming up, that’s all I’m sayin…)

Hopefully, this video will prove to be a timely delight for a couple dozen of you Halloween-lovin’ misfits, but either way, since we can say this enough, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US.


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2 thoughts on “Laser Time Halloween Animation Festival

  1. Keith David actual recorded three other songs for The Princess and the Frog that were added to a separate cd/cut from the film

    You might enjoy this VHS tape we had growing up, Disney celebrating Halloween in a special way.
    If you do this next year I’m sure plenty of people here would love to shoot you some suggestions. Me included!

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