Chucky is late and Ernest is early, Animaniacs says goodbye, James Bond seeks some solace… but just a Quantum – Nov 9-15: Thirty Twenty Ten

The Golden Age of 90s animation comes to a close, Banjo-Kazooie comes back to fight Call of Duty, James Bond get a direct sequel, Brad Pitt is dead, Lauryn Hill is #1, a horror icon is born, Ernest arrives early, TV has a sex test, and the biggest TV mini-series you’ve never head of. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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12 thoughts on “Chucky is late and Ernest is early, Animaniacs says goodbye, James Bond seeks some solace… but just a Quantum – Nov 9-15: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. “The One With The Cast of Night Court” was the thing that finally got me to watch 30 Rock; Night Court is my favorite sitcom ever, and so it was enough to get me involved. I’m really glad they made that episode so I could get invested and realize how great the show is.

  2. Hearing Sarah mention Veronica Mars just makes me sad she wasn’t around when the show ended. Maybe there just needs to be a laser time with her talking about CW shows.

  3. Child’s Play is one of my favorite Horror movies. I first watched it on the Sci-fi Channel. Mother never liked me watching it and the second film to the point of brainwashing me to hate them for a while.

    Nowadays, I embrace the entire franchise and still a big fan to this day. It’s still an effective film like the full on reveal of the doll being alive. The build up was well done and the payoff made for a hugely effective scare.

    The remake I’m 50/50 on, I’ll wait and see but it has Aubrey Plaza and written by somebody who made Kung Fury 2 so, that’s cool.

    I found some interesting new info however. Like the original cut that was first test screened was two hours long, didn’t go over so well. And there was a lot more Chucky to go around. A lot more. They wanted the film cut down but Tom Holland said “no third act, no Chucky.”

    It got so heated that Holland left and writer Don Mancini took over the editing. The logic being they wanted the use of Chucky to be like the shark in Jaws being the less is more approach.

    You can find it all here.

    Regardless, the film works. Still does.

    Ernest Saves Christmas I saw as a kid on the Disney Channel. It was my second exposure to Ernest after Scared Stupid. Loved it then and I do like it now. It’s very stupid but in a charming and, if you excuse the pun, earnest funny kind of way. It’s sincere but I can’t hate it for being harmless fun.

    Quantum of Solace, sorry Diana but I hugely disagree. Quantum of Solace was disappointing. Something about it seemed very hollow to me and I think the fact they rushed this and without a refined script no doubt hurt it
    But also, Bond isn’t an IP suited to Marc Forster, it just isn’t. Like, the fact he literally tried to ape the Bourne movies also hurt it especially the cinematography. Before you say Casino Royale was, no. No, that movie is Bond from the books. It says something that Winnie the Pooh is an IP that suits Forster way more. I had seen Christopher Robin months ago and really, he’s more suited for character dramas especially for family films. He’s actually fine there between that and Finding Neverland.

    And I’m sorry but watching Quantum after Casino Royale doesn’t make it good. Makes it worse because Casino Royale is fucking good. That only works for Evil Dead 1 and 2 because it makes two already good movies even better. I’m more consistency really in regards to quality.

    Say what you will about Spectre but it felt like an actual movie and not an afterthought like Quantum. And it also finished one character’s story after he disappeared in Quantum. I like the opening song Another Way to Die though, that one I liked.

  4. One more thing, I originally dismissed Batman: The Brave and the Bold as I thought it looked too kiddy. Especially given I was more used to just the darker Batman in the films and previous cartoons. But then I did watch the show a year or a couple of years later and I enjoyed it! Best episode definitely goes to the first Bat-Mite episode really.

  5. The idiotic twist to I Still Know What You Did Last Summer was the killer was the son of the original killer…how he gave it away was his name was some stupid thing as [First Name] (I forgot what he name was) Benson…as in Ben’s Son. LOL…fucking stupid ass movie…and I saw it in the theaters.

  6. Back in 2012-2013 I got a job as head of the children/young adult department in a decent sized library system. The library showed movies every Friday, and it was my job to pick films for the kids’ movie. Their numbers had been going down showing new releases, and I mixed things up by showing old classics. Hocus Pocus around Halloween, etc. My boss thought I was crazy until we started smashing attendance records and they let me do my thing.

    My one failure, or so I thought at the time, was Ernest Saves Christmas. We put the movie on the schedule, put out flyers, advertised it in the local paper, and I was convinced there was Ernest love out there and people would come to see it.

    Nobody came. I shrugged, figured they can’t all be winners, and moved on.

    A week later a little old lady came in asking about the Ernest movie. The front desk sent her back to my office since I was the one who’d organized it. She asked about it and I told her the showing had been last week and unfortunately nobody came. She seemed really disappointed. She talked about how she’d always loved that movie, and it reminded her of going to see it in the theater with her kids when they were young. Now here she is, all alone, coming to the library to relive an old fond holiday memory.

    I’m getting a little choked up at this point, and I say fuck it. I’m the department supervisor. I can do what I want with my little piece of the facility. So I got out our projector and set her up in our children’s programming room, popped some popcorn, tossed in the Ernest DVD, and for an hour and a half I sat and watched Ernest Saves Christmas with this little old lady who was suddenly all smiles and having the time of her life.

    I never saw her again, but I do often think back on that moment around the holidays and figure that’s one of the best things I did in my time working at the library.

  7. Petition for Ernest to become a disney princess. On YouTube there used to be a commercial for Tab Cola that featured Ernest. It’s not up anymore, but its my favorite Ernest thing ever since I love Tab so much.

    The Cathy specials! I have those on tapes somewhere. I believe the Cathy who drew Cathy did the voice for Cathy.

    I did some research on War & Remembrance recently for my own website. It didn’t do well in the ratings,unfortunately and ABC lost millions on it. Scenes from that series is nightmare inducing. I did research on the last Animaniacs too!

    I love Murphy Brown it was my favorite non-animated show when I was in elementary school. Miles was my favorite character. You can find the pilot on Daily Motion:

    Probably the most famous Magic Johnson’s theater is the dead one at the old dead Rolling Acres Mall in Ohio. I think it’s torn down now?

  8. Monkey Shines isn’t about a killer monkey doll, it’s about a killer monkey. Can’t judge a movie by its cover sometimes, like Ghoulies.

  9. Noelle Parker was the first actress to do an Amy Fisher movie, and the next year Alyssa Milano and Drew Barrymore were in competing tv movies airing the same night on different networks!

  10. Iron Eagle II is one of the first movies I remember where the hero of the first movie is blasted out of the sky in the opening minutes. Turns out Jason Gedrick (Doug Masters – teenage hero from the first movie) was working on Rooftops (last theatrical film directed by Robert Wise). He came back for one day uncredited to get killed off. Mike Reno’s Chasing the Angels was as 1980’s Soundtrack as you could get.

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