A Casual History of Blaxploitation – Laser Time #357

Let’s take a trip back to the early 1970s, that brief time when Hollywood turned over the reigns to predominately Black casts and crews. Blaxplotation movie have a complicated history, but for those cinephiles out there who enjoy uncompromisingly violent, crime-ridden tales scored with some of the best soundtracks ever made, there are more than a few standout films worth discussing and discovering. Get ready for cops, pimps, kung-fu hookers, and so very much more! Special thanks to TL Foster of the PNB podcast for lending us his expertise…


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4 thoughts on “A Casual History of Blaxploitation – Laser Time #357

  1. Not really sure why you guys kept referring to “white flight” as the source of urban decay. not the deindustrialization that immediately occurred after people had moved to the area for said jobs that had immediately vanished to the outright targeting of 1/9th of society. Redlining and blacklisting of financial credit from everything to the financial instruments that the automotive and industrial factories afforded only to their white employees as labor unions often excluded minorities, commercial loans from local banks, all the way down to the federal governments Home owners loan corporation refusing services. The federal government in its great wisdom of the time “allowing states to decide” to effectively enforce broken homes by way of only giving housing and food assistance to divorced or unwed families, with state inspectors showing up in families’ slum tenements at 3 a.m. with the secretly divorced father of the family sneaking out of the back window to states enforcing that biological fathers not even be in the same zipcode as to not disqualify the family from a spot in the newly built public housing like Pruit Igoe, that would rapidly turn into poorly maintained slums as they were thinly veiled segregation schemes by the likes of people like Robert Moses and Justin Herman, who if they werent busy stuffing who they saw as undesirables into cordon zone blocks, were the final oily rag in this dumpster fire , the outright systematic demolishing of the few existing black owned businesses during credit denial and massive factory closings, by declaring the main streets of every urban black neighborhood like Rondo and 15th Ward syracuse slums to the federal government in order to recieve federal interstate grants, basically a thousand legalized burnings of tulsa , coincidentally all this happened to said citizens when they were endemically kept out of legal recourse to oppose such expropriations before the voting rights act (which is definitely not entitled habitually annoyed white people moving out of the city)

    1. Preach. White flight was surgical in keeping wealth out of black hands and keeping black people as an underclass.

  2. completely understood you not mentioning the pseudo prequel to Django Unchained and Blazing Saddles, Boss N**** but damn if you guys shouldnt YouTube the best scenes. I do not like talking business during breakfast and that theme song Magical

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