Nixon Gets Frosted, Gus Van Sant Covers Psycho and Lt. Frank Drebin is on the Case – Nov 30 – Dec 6: Thirty Twenty Ten

Roy Orbison say goodbye, Saved By the Bell makes a bizarre debut, The Naked Gun saves police squad, Zelda has a sequel, the weirdest song medley of all-time, Gus Van Sant officially plagiarizes Psycho, Mickey and Snoopy make their annual return, Nintendo and Star Wars make for a helluva team, The Punisher gets it right, and Richard Nixon impressions abound! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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21 thoughts on “Nixon Gets Frosted, Gus Van Sant Covers Psycho and Lt. Frank Drebin is on the Case – Nov 30 – Dec 6: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Hell yeah on Punisher: War Zone! That one and the Marvel-Netflix incarnation are what I feel the only media versions of the character where they got it. In the case of War Zone, Lexi Alexander managed to not only provide a ridiculously fun-gory action movie but she did nail the personality of Frank Castle. Plus, Wayne Knight as Microchip was perfect casting. It’s a massively underrated film and I do feel it deserved better by everyone. Plus just recently, I advocated on Twitter that Lexi Alexander directing that Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot Legendary is planning after getting the rights recently.

    I unfortunately however did see Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas as a kid. Even owned the VHS. Really unfortunate purchase and misses the point of the original film. This film is what people who don’t like Beauty and the Beast think of Beauty and the Beast as without seeing it. That’s what it feels like.

    The Psycho remake from what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed. If somebody wanted to remake Psycho, look to the fucking book for inspiration. I do not get the need to make it shot for shot. One, anyone can do it nowadays so the so called experiment by Gus Van Sant is fucking pointless! Two, what did he mean he remade Psycho so nobody else would? Let somebody with a fucking brain put their vision of the story! Hell, I can bet John McTiernan on his worst days would had done a better remake of Psycho. The worst part is, Fox did the exact same problem with The Omen for its remake. Which I’m more annoyed at. So I get it.

    Also, I’m familiar with the Ed Grimley cartoon but I recall the Count Floyd segments as a kid being repackaged as segments on Cartoon Planet. Aka the kid friendly Space Ghost Coast to Coast except lacking Moltar.

  2. I really wish you had talked about Talk Radio more and how it is partly inspired on the career and the assassination of Alan Berg, especially considering the current attacks and murders and threats of violence on the press coming from far right and white supremacist groups and the president

  3. On Ed Grimley:

    I loved this show but will readily admit it hasn’t held up that well. It was the first modern show I remember watching that was a compilation of vaguely connected shorts a la Bullwinkle; in addition to Count Floyd’s Scary Stories there was the bit with the two scientists doing experiments. By far the best episode was the one where Ed goes into witness protection with a new identity as a millionaire.

    The REALLY crazy thing is that it started airing right around the time SCTV reruns landed on Nick at Nite, which means that I first saw Ed, Floyd and Catherine O’Hara’s various weirdly accented airheads in two places at once.

  4. As for Zuckers-Abraham movies, I think their peak is Top Secret!, which has the best combo of jokes and actual plot and that brilliant lead performance by Val Kilmer.

  5. Another great Saved by the Bell Podcast is the old Saved by the Bell reviewed. They have a newer podcast called “A Very Special Episode” which is also good, even better.

    Speaking of Comedy Central remixing, does anybody remember the Stand Up Remix show from like 2004? It would just be a 30 minute show of stand up routines on shuffle.

    Oops I Crapped My Pants! was a big part of my high school tv watchin’

  6. Talk Radio – Is it just me or does the lady from the clip sounds like the Jay Sherman’s assistant from The Critic? The host in the clip sounds like he’s trying to be a “Lush Bimbaugh”-type character but given that this movie was released in December of 1988 and Rush only went national in August of 1988 that is way too close of a turnaround time for that to be the case. I’m going to caulk that up to convergent development. IE. It’s not that everyone copied Rush Limbaugh’s style, but rather being a successful talk radio host just requires many of the mannerisms and inflictions of someone “Rush Limbaugh-like.”

    The Naked Gun. When I was a supppppper mature 21 year old I met a girl off the internet (which was quite unusual for the year 2000) and during our first date we stopped by her room for her to pick something up. Walking in I saw that she had a giant plushy beaver on her bed so within hours of knowing this girl the first thing I said to her when walking into her room was, “Nice beaver.” She instantly grinned and smiled at me and said, “Thanks, I just had it stuffed!” Together with “I was young, I needed the work” those phrases have ceased to be quotes for me. They are just the natural response any sane person makes when seeing a stuffed beaver or hearing someone say, “I saw an interesting picture today.”

    I still remember a mandatory presentation in my school’s gym when I was a Freshman. Each class was putting on a skit, the details of which are long gone down the memory whole. But what does still shine brightly low these many years later is one of the kids saying, “Remember when we all thought High School was going to be like Saved by the Bell?” And I laughed soooooooooo hard at that because when before I started HS I DID kinda-sorta-not-really-but-yes-really think that High School would be like Saved by the Bell. No one else laughed though and the entire bleacher looked at me like I was the weirdo. The funny thing is I can remember watching SbtB but when I’m watching the Zach Morris is Trash series …. I remember almost nothing but the basics. I don’t remember the “jokes” the shows made, I don’t remember the plots, I don’t remember any of the characters outside of the main cast, it’s just … not there. By contrast I can remember, on a real and direct level, every single last episode of seasons 1 through 9 of the Simpsons. Without exception I have memory of the basic plot of the Simpsons and multiple jokes from those episodes. But I know I watched Saved By the Bell episodes multiple times. So why is there this huge difference in memory? Is it just because the Simpsons are good and Saved by the Bell was bad and my mind just deleted the bad and kept the good?

    Being a huge Nintendo fan I was beyond stoked for Zelda II. But my parents wanted me to rent games before I bought them (an honestly sound policy) so as result we went to multiple video stores looking for one that had a copy of Zelda II. I remember rushing into the final video store in our town, running to the video game isle, and literally jumping with joy when there was a case behind the Zelda II box. We rented it and the whole ride home my sister, me, and our two friends were all taking about how awesome playing it was going to be. Then we ran to the Nintendo, plugged it, and screamed when the familiar music started. It was VERY familiar music … huh. That was odd. In fact, the Zelda II screen looked exactly like the Zelda I start up screen. And that’s when I got my first real experience of the very adult emotion of Denial. Because no matter how much it looked exactly like Zelda I, we kept hoping that it was in fact Zelda II. Same start up screen? Eh… maybe they didn’t need to change it? Same way to enter in your name? Why mess with a proven method? The EXACT same starting screen as Zelda I? Well maybe it will be different when you leave the cave? But no, it was not. We had simply rented Zelda I instead of Zelda II and were bitterly disappointed when the harsh reality of that broke through our childlike denial wall.

    300 episodes of Comedy Central Presents is a crazy number of episodes. What is the longest lasting show you have watched every single episode of? Without exception? For me I think it may be The Office.

    Beauty and the Beast Christmas. What is the best Disney interqual? Also, the B&B universe seems to be set in pre-Revolutionary France. And the think about Pre- Revolutionary France was that it was PRE! And it’s not pre by much. Based upon the styles, Belle will be married for a decade at most before the peasants present them with Monsieur Guillotine’s invention. I guess there is a possibility they would be spared but given the nature of peasant uprisings I kind of think that the nearby town isn’t exactly going to be inclined to view the royalty that was heavily involved in the machinations of an magical beings within recent memory as a reason to spare Belle and the Prince.

    Frost Nixon. This has been on my “To Watch” list for 10 frickin years now. I really need to watch it. Also Nixon as a man who felt unloved and desperate for love is a very common interpretation among historians. Stephen Ambrose goes into detail about this (Nixon’s Dad was exactly as you would imagine Nixon’s Dad to be) but he’s far from the only historian to make that interpretation. Also, I never knew “I’m not a crook” was said in Epcot but thanks to your impressions I’m not sure I’m ever going to NOT think of it as being said at Epcot again.

    Punisher War Zone. Before I say this I want to preface this by saying I too was a huge Punisher fan when I was young. I loved the character and had a ton of his comics, but the truth is this; Frank Castle is not an interesting character. Why? Because Frank Castle is the exact same character that was played by Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris in 75% of the Cannon Films of the 1980’s. He is a man who was wronged (WRONGED!) and now he’s going on a rip roaring rampage of revenge! That’s not interesting in and of itself because that’s been done again and again. Rather, The Punisher can be very interesting when he is operating in a universe other than that of a cheesy 1980’s action film; IE the Marvel Universe. How do costume crime fighters react to a guy who just uses a gun to shoot criminals? THAT can be very interesting. Oh, and the story of why the Punisher never dies was epic AF:

    But one of my favorite Punisher moments was where a guy took the entire Civil War comic and re-did the dialogue and the Punisher in that comic is hilarious.

  7. The Naked Gun has, in my opinion, the greatest final shot of any comedy. It’s not just that Nordberg is flying down the stairs, but it’s the 3.5 difficulty flip when he hits the rail. God DAMN that makes me laugh.

  8. Never saw Police Squad on TV but ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Naked Gun! All three of them are classics in my book.

  9. I think it’s strange how Chris feels it’s a good idea to berate his listeners about repeating the titles of whatever he’s talking about. If he gets enough people complaining about only giving the title at the beginning of the conversation, it’s probably because that’s what’s actually happening. Maybe when he’s editing he hears it over and over, but he, and most other podcasts for that matter, do a terrible job of keeping listeners clear on what they’re listening to. Chris says we should just rewind 15 seconds, or a minute, or two minutes and 13 seconds, or however much it takes to get back to the one time they mention the title, instead of the hosts just being aware of how hard it can be to follow when you’re listening, but I think that attitude helps Laser Time stick around the seventh rated pop culture podcast level. It’s not only Laser Time that has this problem, but I’ve only heard Chris tell listeners it’s their problem, not the hosts’.

  10. For those who love old Disney cartoon shorts and can’t get enough of that snowman from Frozen, the new Olaf’s Frozen Adventure also contains a smattering of old shorts as bonus features. Of the six, three were included with Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Hockey Champs, Pluto’s Christmas Tree, and The Art of Skiing) and three may be new to HD (Polar Trappers, Winter, and Once Upon a Wintertime). In a sign that humanity is a lost cause, just browsing the reviews for the release over on amazon turns up a lot of people angry that Disney had the audacity to include six, stuffy old shorts with their beloved Frozen short. Those fools don’t realize the six restored cartoons are the best part! And I say that as someone who thinks Olaf is perfectly fine in spite of the fact that I probably saw this cartoon six times over the weekend because my kids adore it.

    1. Because I never miss an opportunity to pimp my man Glenn Danzig, I just think it’s fun to point out how Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash were referenced at the end of this episode, and both guys have many things in common, but one you probably wouldn’t know is that they both have recorded songs written by Glenn Danzig. Cash recorded the perfectly fine “Thirteen” for his album American Recordings. That song has the minor notoriety of being the opening song in the movie The Hangover, only it’s not the Cash version, but a version recorded by Danzig in 99. Orbison got the better of the two songs, “Life Fades Away,” which was recorded for the soundtrack to the film Less Than Zero. It’s a great song with a great performance on what is a pretty interesting time capsule of a soundtrack. It also has an eerie vibe considering the subject matter and that it was released so close to Orbison’s actual death with the final live of the song being “One last thing to say; life fades away,” in bombastic Orbison fashion.

  11. I think I’m the only “defender” of GVS’s remake of Psyho on the planet. I still think it was a stupid choice. However, somehow I managed to see the remake before the original, liked it, and have gone on to never see the original. So I think there may be more merit to the “experiment” angle than we give it credit for…if I thought this version was fine, and given that the original is basically shot for shot, do I even need to see the original?

    For the subset of people who’ve never seen the original, was the remake better received?

    To take the cover band analogy, if you’ve never heard the original band play can the shitty bar band actually be a good show, given nothing to compare it to?

  12. Let’s talk things that we remember from our ‘80s childhood but can’t find even with the wonder that is the Internet and we’re left wondering if it was all a fever dream or something.

    I have two of these that I figure have a chance of being real. The first is a memory of a ship like the Enterprise hovering in some teenager’s room talking with him. At some point his dog attacks the miniaturized Enterprise and it cut to a shot of the bridge with the dog’s teeth coming through the ceiling. I thought it might be SNL or something, but no dice.

    The second was the beginning of a horror movie where a woman is being chased through the woods by a bunch of ‘80s slashers. Freddy, Jason, Leatherface. They chase her into a cave where there’s the sound of ass kicking then the lady steps out with glowing eyes or something and smiles. I vividly remember my mom saying “that’s enough of that” and changing the channel because she thought it’d be too scary.

    Both of these are vivid and have stuck with me for years. Both are things I now think might be false memories because you’d think something like that would be easy enough to find in this day and age. It makes me wonder what things I watch on TV or do today that will be distant half remembered mysteries for my own kids.

    You guys really need to do that show about things you remember but can’t find. That’d be amazing.


    I watched ALL of Crossbones because I didn’t have Starz and was desperate for a cool pirate show. Good god was it BORING. If you ever wanted to watch an actor cash a paycheck right before your very eyes, Crossbones is that show. A few years later I got Starz as a bonus and watched all of Black Sails, and lemme say, it’s one of the most underrated shows on TV. Just cause Starz blew all their money on the location, actors, and effects and had nothing left to market it doesn’t mean it was bad!

  14. The Wii version of Rygar is a port of the PS2 game from 2003, so if you want to play it with better controls and (arguably) worse graphics just buy that version instead.

  15. The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley was the only Saturday morning cartoon that I can recall my mom actually enjoying. I think she liked it more than I did. At some point the show advertised they were having a “look alike Ed Grimley” contest. As a 10 year old, didn’t have any Ed Grimley-like clothing (thank god) and I didn’t want to enter the contest but my mom insisted we try anyway. We greased my hair up into the signature Ed Grimley point and I did my best, 2 hands on one hip pose while wearing a gray sweatsuit. To my surprise, about 2 months later a piece of mail arrived containing a certificate with artwork from the show thanking me for entering the contest. It was essentially a participation award, but the artwork was cool and it was personalized with my name. I still have it to this day.

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