Best Games to Get Drunk In – Vidjagame Apocalypse 292

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means that for one reason or another, a lot of you are statistically likely to get loaded over the next few weeks. If you’d rather watch a game character get sloshed on adult beverages, there are plenty of games that’ll let you get your hero drunk – and with help from MacWorld’s Leif Johnson, we’ll look at five of the most interesting. Then it’s on to talking about Darksiders III, Sony opting for PAL versions on the PlayStation Classic, Console Wars getting adapted as a series, and the times games caused friction with family or friends.

Question of the Week:
Did you score anything cool during the Black Friday sales? Tell us about it.


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8 thoughts on “Best Games to Get Drunk In – Vidjagame Apocalypse 292

  1. So not really that VGA related but my Black Friday sales came mostly from Amazon and Target this year to get my wife the Kitchenaid Mixer she’s wanted for a few years and a lot of good TV season sales. Also scored a fireplace TV stand for half price.

  2. This Black Friday, my girlfriend and I were hoping to get the $200 Spider-man PS4 from GameStop. They were all out (of course), but they did have a $300 system with a $50 gift card. I got Bloodborne (the game I’ve been needing for 3 years), and my girlfriend got Spyro.

    We brought the games up to the desk and the clerk told us he had a Spyro bundle for 5 dollars extra that included a pair of Spyro socks. We were unsure until he offered to throw in a Spyro keychain as well. We sighed and agreed, and I called dibs on the socks. I’m wearing them now, and the keychain is on my girlfriend’s car keys.

    I’ve lowkey never loved a pair of socks more.

  3. There’s an old FPS from the late 90’s called Redneck Rampage where one of the ways to gain health was to drink alcohol. However, if you drink too much, the screen would start to ‘wobble’ and get slightly out of focus (simulating double vision). One of the best parts of the game however, was the soundtrack that featured songs by Mojo Nixon.

  4. Thanks to Mr. Reparaz for the great recommendation. When I saw Starlink:Battle for Atlas on sale with the Starfox ship for $60. I didnt even realize it was couch co-op until I got home. It didnt take much convincing to get the wife to grab player two. Flying around In that R-Wing as starfox brought back so many good memories from childhook. This game feels exactly what I expect a modern Starfox game to be like.

  5. I picked up good ole Monster Hunter world and the Witcher 3 both half off and also bought dragons dogma backwards compatible and I think I may never have any free time ever again

  6. QOTW: So this can double as a follow up from my Facebook post asking for help about deciding between buying God of War and Spider-Man…Because I ended up buying both during the PSN sale.
    I kind of rushed through Spider-Man’s story already but I’ll be back there to hunt for collectibles and maybe platinum it because hot dang that game is good. Still working through God of War so I’ll reserve any judgement on that for now.

  7. You don’t wanna say the terms “Blake Harris” and “Palmer Luckey” on Twitter because that will summon a boogeyman that you wish was Biggie Smalls.

    QOTW: Cyber Monday counts right? So the only meaningful thing I bought during that weekend besides a new pair of boots, was a copy of Hitman 2 with my now expired GCU discount. I am having a heckuva time getting lost in this game and barely taking care of the targets in creative ways. I am sad to report that I failed in getting Sean Bean even though the seven ways I’ve seen him got seemed so doable.

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