Star Trek Insurrects, Schwarzenegger and Devito are Hilariously Related, and the Forgotten Rugrats Spin-off – Dec 7-13: Thirty Twenty Ten

Shakespeare finds a girl, Mississippi is burning, South Park gets its first crappy game, Max Fischer is in love with his teacher, lots of Doubt surrounding a certain catholic movie, Beyonce invents her most famous dance, Clint Eastwood sings, and Married with Children is menstruating. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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13 thoughts on “Star Trek Insurrects, Schwarzenegger and Devito are Hilariously Related, and the Forgotten Rugrats Spin-off – Dec 7-13: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Rushmore was the start of me being really into indie film. As a kid who only kept a passing average in high school to stay eligible for show choir and Academic Decathlon, I saw a little of Max in me but what I really loved was the amazing war. My friend resonated with it the wrong way, as he’d just come out on the losing end of a love triangle with a slightly older British woman, so he hated it.

    Zero points to Chris for not mentioning that Metal Gear Solid blatantly stole plot hooks from Twins.

  2. I’d have said Misfits of Science’s Courtney Cox, or Masters of the Universe’s Courtney Cox, I remember her more from those than Family Ties.

  3. My Stepmother is an Alien. As hard as is it to imagine in 2018 where 9 out of 10 of the top grossing films each year are genre films, I was starved for Sci-Fi content in the 1980’s so anytime HBO ran something that even remotely hinted at being sci-fi, I jumped on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich. But this film could not keep my desperate interest enough to watch it. Anyone else have HBO shown films they tried to force themselves to watch (because what else where you going to do? Go outside?) but that they couldn’t make it through?

    Twins. Twin studies are truly some fascinating stuff. My favorite “Twins separated at birth, living complexly different lives but who do eerily similar stuff is” The identical “Jim twins” who were raised in separate families and met for the first time at age thirty-nine, only to discover that they both suffered tension headaches, bit their fingernails, smoked Salems, enjoyed woodworking, and vacationed on the same Florida beach. The movie is trash though.

    Furby came into popularity when I was rushing my fraternity. There we were a bunch of 18-20 year old guys and we had all heard these crazy rumors about it; how it had built in AI, how it “learned” when you spoke to it, and I think we had built it up way to much when someone actually got one because we were all super excited, Like giggling level of excited to play with it. It did it’s little song and dance and I wanted to make it do it again so I said, “Due due doot! Due due doot!” and then tried to dance in front of it so it would “learn” from me. And … that stuck. For the next two and a half years at least once every couple of months someone would say, “Due due doot Ralls!”

    Jackfrost – I always heard urban legends about kids who watched the snowman horror film instead of this either due to malicious teens switching DVDs or clueless parents but it was always third hand. Never knew anyone who actually had that happen to them. Same-same with Frozen and Frozen.
    Shakespeare in love. Middlebrow is interesting cultural category to look at from a 2018 perspective as I feel it has fallen by the wayside. As written in Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There by David Brooks wrote, ‘“Looking back on the middlebrow culture of the 1950s, it seems a little dull and pretentious but well intentioned, and certainly better than some of the proudly illiterate culture that has taken its place.” But highbrows of the time attacked it viciously. “slime” pest” “insidious” “tepid ooze”” – and that attack was combined with a very strong rise lowbrow culture as in many ways as I feel that since the 1950’s far more artistic changes have come from the bottom than the top. Is there any significant middlebrow culture today?

    Star Trek Insurrection. This was the very last film I saw with my very first girlfriend. We had been drifting apart for a while and the little things that separated us now seemed very huge but I was trying to hang onto it because, well because she was my first love and I was deeply afraid of it ending. This film came out, and I wanted to see latest Star Trek movie and she reluctantly agreed to drive over and see it with me. So when it opened I waited in the lobby for her to show up and …. She never did. This is pre-cell phone so I had no idea what was happening. No way to text or call, just me standing there wondering if I had been ditched. I had. I can’t remember her excuse but I remember not being very satisfied with it. We got in a huge fight over it, but we got in a huge fight every day at that point so the writing was definitely on the wall. We broke up soon after. Oh, I also saw a guy in cosplay at the premier which was a lot less common in 1998. He was the only one dressed up and he looked super nervous and I’ve always wished I had gone over and told him what a great costume he had. So if you cosplayed in Salem, OR in 1998 you rocked that Starfleet Uniform Sir!
    Friendsters – There is a very hilarious super-cut of Ross freaking over the sandwich, but it’s cut as if he was the protagonist in a serial killer movie. Side note: a sandwich with a moist maker (a center piece of bread soaked in gravy) sound amazing and I can’t believe I’ve never tried it. Has anyone?
    South Park Game 1998 – I remember the hype around this game soooooooooo much. I was a huge South Park fan and I desperately wanted it but never got it. What game that you desperately wanted but never got are you glad that you never got?

    Put a Ring on it. I’ve heard this song a hundred times but have never watched the music video of it until just now. It’s minimalist but nice.

    Delgo. 2008. I am genuinely shocked that there was a cartoon movie this huge that I have never heard of . I know it bombed, but so far I’ve had at least some vague memory of the at least hearing about every last cartoon you all have ever mentioned. But this one? Nothing.

    El Tarino. This is the last Clint Eastwood film I ever saw. Not because I hated it (I think it’s pretty solid) but just through pure happenstance.

    Day the Earth Stood Still. Other than absolute extinction, this is one of the largest human holocausts in film. The human race is instantly removed of all its infrastructure / complex tools and the planet cannot support 7.8 billion people at a low technology level. Almost all of those billions would die die but they would probably end up killing most of the game, trampling most of the crops, etc, of those areas that could support people, causing the population to drop even further as starving gang fights over starving gang for the last remaining scraps of food until they all die Negative feedback cycles exist just as much as positive ones. 99.99X% of the human race will be dead a year or two after the credits roll.

    Amazing Race – The only thing I know about the Amazing Race is when Jack confronts Liz Lemon about not achieving one of her life goals. And she responded with something like, “I had to watch a lot of episodes of the Amazing Race and then comment about them on the internet.” I think about that quote. I think about it a lot. 😉

    Boston Legal had some really good moments and was a fun little show. When TV shows on DVD were just starting to become an exciting thing (“You can do this thing called “binge watching” where you watch episode after episode with no commercials!”) I gave season one of it to my sister for Christmas. At the time she was a Doctor and I was in grad school so out incomes were ….slightly different. As such a DVD set wasn’t “cheap” for me. Then about five years later (a period in which I had graduated, bought a house, got married) she said, “Oh say, I finally watched that show you gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s good, I may buy the rest of the seasons.” And while I was glad she finally got some enjoyment from a gift I gave her (that’s the purpose of gift after all) I had to tell myself not to be miffed that it had taken her five years to open and try her gift.

  4. Ten years ago this week I discovered Talk Radar. At least as far as my memory can tell. I’m pretty sure it was Talk Radar Episode 30 (December 5th) because you guys had Jeff Gerstmann on as a guest to talk about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
    Choice quote from Chris this episode according to the wiki: “The Wii can’t do boob physics justice.” (in reference to Castlevania Judgment I’d assume).
    From Mikel: “The podcast is as old as I am. Fuck.”
    And from Brett: “I’m going to punch that face in the asshole.”

  5. A Simple Plan is a fantastic movie, based on a novel by Scott Smith. I know in most cases you can say ‘the book was better than the movie’, but to me A Simple Plan shows how a movie can improve on its literary source material. I won’t give away exact spoilers, but the book has a much higher body count; in the movie Bill Paxton comes across as a normal guy who gets in over his head and struggles to justify his actions to himself, but in the book the main character comes across more like an American Psycho style sociopath who is very disconnected and calculating and nihilistic. I just found it interesting because Scott Smith wrote the novel as well as the screenplay, and I think he did a brilliant job of focusing on the emotional core of the story, while trimming some of the gratuitous grimdark stuff.

    This book review mentions some of the differences between the book and movie if anyone is interested:

  6. Funny story, I tried to see Jack Frost twice as a kid. Second time I saw it successfully in theaters. First time I tried though, there were problems with the projector. So as a result, an usher came in and apologized and offered free passes or just free screenings of Star Trek Insurrection. Didn’t see it but either way I lost since Jack Frost sucks. As a kid, I liked it of course but that was 7 year old me for you.

    But Insurrection from what ive seen so ill conceived. Doesn’t help the people on that one planet are white entitled people. So, that unintentionally raised some flags. Never did see Nemesis but I imagine it can’t be that bad. But I love First Contact and Generations all the same.

    My Stepmother is an Alien I saw on TV. Which I felt was pretty goddamn weird, even as a kid.

  7. One more thing, I know the cast wasn’t really happy with Star Trek: Insurrection. In fact apparently, Marina Sirtis claimed she slept through it because she was bored by it when she was at the premiere for the film and fell asleep while watching it. She even prefers Nemesis over it.

  8. And another thing, apparently even Paramount knew Star Trek Insurrection had huge problems because the execs sent a memo pointing out the potholes and that the Ba’ku and the Son’a felt more like a gang war than an interstellar conflict and even offered a rationale for why Picard would get in the middle of this. Nobody listened apparently.

  9. Sci-Fi Christmas is lacking??? Doctor Who has a Sci-Fi Christmas story every year. Some are good, some are bad, but they’re all worth a watch.

  10. In the words of my boy Jason Manzoukas, in reference to My Stepmother is an Alien: “Put ‘er in a Bra!”

    Today I learned that “Look Away” was a Chicago song!

    Binging With Babish made a video on how to make a moistmaker!

    Sarah, working in a library isn’t that romantic. 🙁

  11. I agree that the South Park game was a steaming pile, but oh boy does that bring back a specific sense memory.

    It’s Christmas 1998. I’m at my dad’s house for his one week of vacation visitation that stretches into three weeks because a blizzard hit that closed schools and made it impossible for us to get back to our mom’s house. Which wasn’t all bad because at this point we had Internet at my dad’s place, but not at my mom’s, so if you’re gonna be snowed in for a couple weeks it might as well be at the place that has dial-up. I’m high on some heavy duty flirting I did with a cute girl at a student council canned food drive a few days back, and at 14 that shit can keep you going for weeks.

    My brother is playing the South Park game constantly so I hear it in the background in his room. I’m in my room across the hall with all my Christmas presents on the lower bunk of a bed we used to share. I have my late ’90s PC against one wall and I’m chatting with all my online friends on ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger in between playing online matches in this new scifi themed Warcraft game by Blizzard called Starcraft that I got for Christmas. I have a TV with an N64 against another wall and when I’m not chatting or playing Starcraft I’m playing Ocarina of Time which I bought with Christmas money before the Blizzard hit. I’m cocooned in this little room with food, games, Internet, and family, and life didn’t get much better than that back then.

    There were a lot of Christmas breaks, but that’s the only one that I can still remember so vividly because of the blizzard/ice storm, and that South Park game playing constantly in the background immediately brings me back whenever I see or hear it these days.

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