Best Remakes of 2018 – Vidjagame Apocalypse 295

Next week, we’ll count down our picks for the top games of 2018 – but our rules exclude remakes and remasters, and it’s been an amazing year for those. So with help from USGamer’s Nadia Oxford, we’re dedicating this week to five of 2018’s most impressive remakes, all of which brought long-dead classics roaring back with current-gen polish. We then talk Below, year-in-review games-industry stats, and the expectations-vs.-reality of your holiday toy memories.

Question of the Week:
What’s your personal Game of the Year for 2018?


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11 thoughts on “Best Remakes of 2018 – Vidjagame Apocalypse 295

  1. QotW: Time to disappoint everyone deeply! I’ve played a single game in 2018 making it my default choice…Fallout 76. The buggy insane mess of a game that I still can’t help but enjoy because it goes along with how I always enjoyed playing the modern Fallouts. I’m not going really defend the stupidity going on around the game, but I feel this will end up another No Man’s Sky. After enough patches and content, this game will be great.

  2. Definately monster Hunter world; I’ve been playing it for about two weeks now and am currently enjoying grinding arch tempered kulve taroth with my badass insect glaive skills.

  3. QotW: My personal game is Smash Ultimate…which even surprises me, since I’m not a big fan of the series in general. However, the inclusion of pretty much every character in the franchise, plus Simon, and more characters to come is too much to pass up. Since I’m pretty much garbage at the game and get annihilated online, the beefy single player modes is nice. I’m having a blast playing world of light and collecting all the spirits.

  4. What’s your personal Game of the Year for 2018?

    Mine originally was God of War – I figured what an amazing thing to do to an existing title.
    Then Spider-Man swung into action.
    The story, graphics, details, costume choices and DLC .
    Plus the new game + that was added giving me a reason to go back and play with all the costumes I unlocked.

    I’ve went back to just swing for the hell of it.

    Well done.

  5. I played SOTC on PS2 when it came out, then played the remake on PS4 this year and it seemed pretty much the same to me. I looked at some the comparison pictures that they have as unlockables in the game, and was surprised how primitive the original really looked, in my memory it seemed like it was about like the new one. My girlfriend said last night, “Oh, this new Red Dead looks much more realistic than the other one,” and I don’t know if I agree, the first sure seems like it looked awfully good when I played it, but it’s been a while, the jump from PS3 to PS4 seems pretty small in my mind, so I don’t think I see that much difference, especially in the way my memory views games. I think interface makes games seem older than appearance, for me, even brand new Japanese games frequently feel older than Western games, because they refuse to make menus and UI easier to use, and those sometimes don’t get updated in remakes or remasters. SOTC did improve the UI in the remaster, though.

  6. QotW: My game of the year definitely is fortnite. Now before I get hate for this I want to point out one of the best feature in the game that not a lot of other games have; crossplay between consoles/PC/mobile. It helped me out as the lone PC gamer in a family full of PlayStation users. Plus having the keyboard and mouse advantage makes me seem better than I actually am 😀. I hope more games in the future add cross play.

  7. QotW: It’s a late entry, but gonna have to go with Smash Bros. Ultimate. Anticipated it all year, and in the end, it didn’t disappoint.

  8. About Yakuza 3,4,5 from earlier this year:

    not remakes but re released for PS4, I think 3 is out in Japan now.

    As for my game of the year it’s MH World. I’ve played since the first and am so happy to see it continue to evolve and grow while still existing in it’s purer form on the Switch in XX.

    I tend to get really in to the fine details and techniques to make fights easier. I like to fine tune armor skills and make sure monster weaknesses and strengths and take all that stuff into account. That all is present while being able to draw in newer, less familiar players and while a ton of people with drop of at hr 50, I’ll still be chilling in Japanese randoms in the hundreds and it’s all good. Can’t wait for the expansion.

    Let that jet engine roar~

  9. Personally, it’s Yakuza 0 due to the many hours I sunk into this game in the first half of the year. Singing, dancing, wacky sub-stories, and the yen just kept flowing. I’m debating right now if I should give it another go if I do get a new graphics card for my computer. You guys have Skyrim, I got this series.

    If you’re talking about a game that came out this year, it would be Hitman 2. After watching the gals at Kotaku play this game, it was intrigued at how much stuff you can get away with in this sandbox-style assassination game. It manages to put me in a state of constant fear of being caught, while breaking that tension whenever an NPC points out the absurdity of their situation. I’ve gone through the Miami level at least 10 times, and still haven’t done half of the things!

  10. QOTW: My personal game is Spider-Man. I know it’s a bit of a cliche answer, but it was honestly the most fun I’ve had playing a game in years. Being an adult means not having the free time to indulge any entertainment I feel like. Spider-Man had me playing into the night like a college freshman.

  11. QOTW
    I think Spider-Man might be the only new game from 2018 that I played through the end (the main story, anyway, I’m still working on the DLC), but I doubt I would pick another game as my top pick of the year anyway.

    Spidey is my favorite character of all time. I even have him tattooed on my shoulder. This game totally nailed the feel of playing as him. I’ve been waiting to play a game like this since the cliche-to-reference-but-I’m-referencing-it-anyway Spider-Man 2 from PS2. Web swinging was a blast, combat was fun, the story was well written and very well acted, the fan service was fun without being cheesy. LOVED IT.

    PS thanks so much for another great year of podcasts guys. Looking forward to 2019’s shows, and for your GOTY picks!

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