Pat Sajack abandons the Wheel, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson go to war, and say hello to Tony Soprano – Jan 4-10: Thirty Twenty Ten

WELCOME TO THE NINES, BAYBAY! It’s Thirty Twenty Ten’s first episode ever to solely encompass 1989, 1999, and 2009. But then… it’s still January. But what we lack in major movie releases, we make up for with one of the best TV shows of all-time! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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13 thoughts on “Pat Sajack abandons the Wheel, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson go to war, and say hello to Tony Soprano – Jan 4-10: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. In this show you spoke about how bad “Patch Adams” was and you mentioned his wife committing suicide and how poorly the storyline was but you are mixing movies. Patch Adams wife was murdered by a mentally disturbed patient and they storyline is written with all the antics and ending in sadness because it’s about a real person you can google it to verify. The movie Robin Williams was in that his wife killed herself was “What dreams may come” and Williams wasn’t comical in that movie at all it was about how his whole family was taken from the father by first his children died in a car accident then the wife’s suicide and then himself hit by a car while helping another wrecked driver. Then his effort from heaven to retrieve his wife’s damn soul from hell. I felt the need to comment because of how you bashed the film but with wrong info.

  2. Ed, Edd n Eddy and Batman Beyond I treasure always. Been there for both shows since day one. With the former, I remember seeing the promos which felt like an out of nowhere thing but I was attracted and saw the show the very evening it aired which was on a Monday.

    I still enjoy it. It has a lot of hilarious over the top, cartoon slapstick moments. Which, I always dig. And Batman Beyond, I like that it’s not an easy show. They don’t go for recycling villains and when they do, they have it make sense like Mr. Freeze for example but otherwise, I like the dark, cyberpunk design and tone to it. I think it still works.

    Surprisingly, I never did see The Sopranos but for 2009, good luck with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Dear Lord, good luck.

  3. Consider a monthly Sopranos Patreon Show with the three of you and maybe Sam as well. You’ll be done within 8 years, be able to gush about the episode, and not have to deal with another weekly amount of work each week.

  4. I just realized yesterday that you three would be talking about the Pat Sajak show, and I got excited because I know it was soo bad. I looked up info about the Rush incident years ago (too afraid to watch it tho) and I’m like, “Pat was done with the show and this was his way of getting it canned. First the Friday guest hosts and then Rush.”

    Does anybody remember old SNL short of a Sopranos commercial in which they read reviewer’s glowing reviews for the show and at the end it’s just a reporter orgasming, “SOPRANOS!!” ? Other than that, Soprano’s isn’t my type of show, too violent and overhyped for me. Sary.

    E! owns the people’s choice awards now? And the new award is ugly as sin:

    I only know “Damages” and “poirot ” from my cataloging job, when I catalog the dvds .

    I know this show ain’t called “35 25 15” but I have to add that its the 25th anniversary of Tonya v. Nancy. I still remember setting in our living room, super close to the TV and watching Brian Botiano’s return, baby Michelle Kwan, and Tonya winning the Nationals with Nancy watching in the rafters.

  5. After you guys talked about the Sopranos pilot, I think I’m gonna have to rewatch it. What a great show, and you are bang-on Chris about how hilarious it could be. A couple of Season 1 highlights for me are when Chris sees Martin Scorcese at a club (“Yo Marty! Kundun!….I liked it!”), and when Chris is talking with that Czech mobster – his name is Emile, but Chris keeps calling him ‘Email’.

    Anyway, I’m also going to echo Robert’s comment above and say that I would absolutely be down for a deep dive into what is easily one of the top 3 shows I’ve ever watched.

  6. I too would be down for any sort of Sopranos podcast in any form.


    Chris is right, anyone who thinks Tony isn’t dead is just kidding themselves. Watch the last season again, they spend plenty of time setting up what that final scene means.

    ‘You don’t hear it coming.’

  7. Man, film wise 1989 was lit AF! I hadn’t realized how important it was until hearing all the really big films that came out that year.
    Not literally true but figuratively true; Monica Lewinsky was the last person to be caught up in a huge nationwide scandal who got a lawyer before she got an agent.
    Ed, Edd and Eddie. This is an other case of where a 1999 Cartoon Network show is utterly stamped in time to me of 2001. I just didn’t watch that much TV in 1999 but in 2001 when I moved to a rural Japanese village Cartoon Network was one of the few English language channels I had. Thus I ended up watching way more of their shows from this time period than I normally would have; Ed Edd and Eddie included. It was a little juvenile for 23-year old me but it was enjoyable enough fluff.
    Batman Beyond has a number of really killer Batman moments. Besides THE DARKEST SCENE EVER, as already mentioned, there is a great bit where at the end of an episode Terry (new Batman) asks Bruce why he didn’t think the voices the bad guy was projecting were coming from his head. He gives two reasons: First, Bruce knows he is not psychotic. Second the “voice” was calling him Bruce, but that’s not what he calls himself. So, in his head Batman is the real identity and Bruce Wayne is the alter ego. I always loved that touch and think it’s one of the key’s to understanding the difference between Batman and Superman.
    Let me just add my voices and say; please please please make Sopranos mini-podcast. I’d love it if you could do it in real time, just having a ten episode “season” every 1 to 2.5 years.
    What shows do you watch the credits on every episode? Sopranos is one for me, definitely. In terms of newer shows though my absolute new fave is A Series of Unfortunate Events and how they slightly change it every 2 episodes.
    Re: James Gandolfini’s Weight. There is an episode of the Actor’s Studio where James talked about how when he lost weight between seasons he didn’t feel like Tony. Googling around I couldn’t find any hard evidence that his weight gain between the Pilot and the rest of season 1 was planned and premeditated but once he did gain it, he seemed to have a hard time loosing it. Sadly, this remained true after the role of Tony was over and if you google his last meal it’s not pretty.
    Damn does this show seem to have a high IRL death count;
    Re: The Death of the Mob. Not an expert, at all, but this seemed like an interesting article;
    Side note: That was not Martin Scorsese in the Sopranos, that was Anthony Caso (an actor) portraying Martin Scorsese.
    Lady Gaga – I was This Years Old before I realized that the line is “A RedOne” instead of “a red wine” as I’ve thought for the last ten years. The lyrics are also way more somber than I had thought when you actually think it over.

  8. I loved that you cited the words of the year. It gives so much context to the zeitgeist. Thank you! Please do this next year, too.

  9. I remember Bride Wars well. I went to see these kinds of movies because I’m a married man and there has to be balance between chick flicks and comic book movies in our household.

    Talk about a steaming pile. These two women who were supposedly friends immediately turn on each other when it becomes clear they’re not going to get their special day. The only person who’s sane in the whole thing is Chris Pratt’s character, and he’s made out to be an asshole villain for getting sick of his wife going on a weird vendetta rather than focusing on their relationship and planning their life together. The movie is a lot more interesting when you root for him to get away from that toxic relationship before he puts a ring on it rather than rooting for a couple of utterly unredeemable characters.

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