The Dawn of Smash Bros, Jack and Rose Are Back Together, and R U Ready 4 Sum Football?! – Jan 18-24: Thirty Twenty Ten

Coach debuts as the Bros first Smash, Leo and Kate are back together, Boy Meets World meets sad, Ringu 2: Electric Ringuloo, and please welcome Presidents Bush AND Obama! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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12 thoughts on “The Dawn of Smash Bros, Jack and Rose Are Back Together, and R U Ready 4 Sum Football?! – Jan 18-24: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I thought the first episode of Coach aired in February.

    But funny thing about Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, it had a prequel but in book form. Years before the actual film prequel. My friend Austin told me the author who wrote that prequel would end up writing the novelization of Rise of the Lycans. The dude wrote the novelization of a prequel that had nothing to do with his concept but picked him anyway. Make sense?

    That 10th anniversary Powerpuff Girls special, that was a trainwreck. The pacing being a major factor because it went way too fucking fast. Everybody was talking too fast for their own good. The actual original show didn’t go for the ludicrous speed. It wasn’t slow but it was paced fine. This special seemed like it was on a time crunch somehow.

  2. Craig T Nelson played a bad guy in the Monk finale, he was the Judge they were referring to in the series.

  3. The 3-D Diet Coke commercial premiered that Super Bowl!

    The Sex Ed episode was Evening Shade, here’s the ball scene: @ 10:53.

    In the Summer of 2000, back during my mad fan Daily Show phase in my life I made online friends with this girl who was into Jon Stewart. One night over IM she thought I would love to hear the entire plot-scene-by-scene of Playing by Heart. …no. Years later, Stephen gets in an “argument” with Jon on TDS, and he calls him, “Mr. Playing by Heart Direct To Video!” (

  4. Yet again, my comment didn’t post. So I have to remember what I said :/

    -The Sex Ed episode was Evening Shade, the episode is on YouTube!

    -Along with that 3D half time show that Super Bowl also had a 3D Diet Coke commercial!

    -Oh, Jon in playing by heart. Back in the Summer of 2000, I made online friends with this annoying girl who was obsessed with Jon Stewart. She decided one night to tell me the entire movie scene-by-scene via IM. No.NO! A few years later on Daily Show, Steve Carell and Jon were in a pretend fight, and Steve calls Jon, “Mr. Playing By Heart Direct To Video!”

  5. Good Moleman to you,
    I actually remember Outlander to not be horrible for what it was. The alien aspect isnt played up much outside of the first ten min, and is more just “outsider helps Vikings kill beast they dont understand”

  6. I loooooved Father Dowling. It was one of my two favorite shows along with Night Court; I think the fact that I was 10 and I knew who Tom Bosley was and Tracy Nelson was cuter than Peter Falk or Angela Lansbury helped, but it was the perfect first mystery show to get me into the genre.

  7. A Super Bowl segment gets more than 5 seconds of time on this podcast??? WHAT????? Y’ALL OWE ME FOR GLOSSING OVER SUPER BOWL 42 IN FEBRUARY ’08.

  8. Simon and Simon – This was a top ten show that ran for 8 years and yet I feel this show has been nearly completely forgotten. Obviously there has to be a winnowing effect in what parts of pop culture make even a mild long lasting effect, but I’m really struggling for figuring out what the determinant factor in that happening is. Question meant to be non-snarky: do you ever see it referenced anywhere? Like on any TV shows or movies or stand up acts or anything other than the below?

    Elvis Presto

    Coach is one of those sitcoms that I watched probably over a hundred hours of but that today I can only see through a glass darkly. The theme song you played, for instance, wasn’t instantly recognizable as The Coach Theme Song and and that’s pretty unusual. What I do remember are three scenes from three separate episodes. Off the top of my head 1) Coach’s girlfriend (name unknown) having to distract a group of people from Atlanta at a dinner party and all she can think to do is ask them question after question about Atlanta until they say, “You are really a nut about Atlanta.” 2) Assistant Coach makes an fool of himself after discovering some long lost relatives after which Coach tries to make him feel better saying it wasn’t that bad. But then Assistant Coach says he’s going to invite his long lost relatives to a party at his place so Coach instantly backtracks and tells him he shouldn’t do that because it really was that bad. 3) Assistant Coach going to Vegas to bet ten thousand dollars on on spin of the Roulette Wheel and then chickening out the last minute and then running away. And … that’s it. All told I’m sure I spent a hundred plus hours of my childhood on that show and that’s all that stuck with me. Question for the group: What is your most memorable memory of Coach?

    Side note: Dianna you should really watch Parenthood, it’s a fantastic series. The first season of which does a superb job of exploring money and how if effects families, something that almost no US shows do. That season is rife with instances of how the poor side, the middle class side, and the upper class side of the same family have different resources to bring to bare on different problems and it does it in a really entertaining and non-hit-you-over-the-head way. You have until March 2, 2010 to catch a couple of episodes before its ten year anniversary for the show!

    Given that 2 out of the 3 hosts didn’t know who Dion was and why he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, it’s Dion appreciation time!
    I moved to Japan in 2001 (before streaming video was a thing) so with baggage space limited I was very selective in what media I physically brought with me. One of the pieces that made the cut was Ringu because I had heard such good things about it. Now, I worked hard on my Japanese from the moment I arrived to when I left and I must have considered watching Ringu dozens and dozens of times and each time I just felt too tired to watch a horror movie in a language that was something I struggled with every day. I never did end up watching it and it was one of the rare pieces of media that I brought with me but never watched/read/played/etc. Today, eighteen years later I’ve forgotten around 99% of the Japanese I worked so very hard to learn (if you don’t use it, you lose it) so it’s probably time to stream Ringu (with subtitles). Oddly enough, when my entertainment doesn’t feel like work I’m more likely to watch it. Have you ever had a piece of entertainment feel like work to you?
    I almost always always hear about one piece of media on #thirtytwentyten that I go “Oooo that sounds like something I should watch! (It’s one of the reasons I love the show.) Time is always tight through so I’m lucky if I can squeeze in even one. This week’s contenders are;
    My Name is Joe – Glasgow film that is theoretically in English but a film I will still need to watch with subtitles in order to understand what the characters are saying.
    Playing by Heart a rom com with Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and Jon Stewart
    High Low Country a western with Woody Harlison and Penalope Cuz.
    Still Crazy – Bringing the 1970’s Band Back together in the 1990’s.
    I’m leaning towards Still Crazy but does anyone want to push for one of the others?

    Boy Meets World “We’ll Have a Good Time Then” – Damn that title is is one of the boldest TV titles I’ve ever heard of.
    I can still remember seeing this commercial for the first time. Despite it being on TV and being announced by a familiar announcer guy voice it still seemed fake. Like no way they could possibly have done this and yet they did! Any other company would have made a new one every year and then quit after five years but the Big N has stuck to “One game in this series every five years or so” for longer than most of its audience has been alive. That’s pretty incredible when you think of it and it’s worked our great; every Smash Bros game makes a “Best of the system” list and they all deserve to be on that list. As for this game – damn so many good memories of me and a bunch of other guys in my fraternity hanging out and playing it against each other. I think guys, especially young guys, bond best when they are doing something even if that something is as simple as playing a video game.
    “But… but… that’s NEW music! It can’t be 10 years old!” – Me on every song ever brought up in the 10 year old segment on every Thirty Twenty Ten Show ever.

    Just a suggestion; I’m probably at least in the runnign for being the biggest 302010 fan but even I don’t sit with rapt attention every second of every show. My mind is often focused on other things so even when the hosts say a name it doesn’t sink in until my mind hears a clip and thinks”ooo maybe I should watch that?” But by then my stupid brain has already forgoten what name the hosts said. I know the hosts say the name of the media they are discussing but what about saying the name of the piece of media AFTER the clip? Would that disrupt the flow of conversation too much?

  9. Hey guys, great show like always. I was surprised you didn’t mention the Seinfeld factoid about Revolutionary Road writer Richard Yates. Apparently he is the inspiration behind Elaine’s dad in the show, and when you see clips of him, like when Jerry has to wait around with him for an uncomfortable amount of time, it’s easy to believe. By the way, Yates short stories are excellent, despite being terrifically depressing at times.

  10. A thing about Ringu 2:

    The novel Ringu had a sequel called Spiral, and the movie production company greenlit a movie based on that book called Rasen that came out the same year as Ringu. But it was a different director and wasn’t nearly as popular, so a sequel Ringu 2 was made and thus Rasen was booted out of continuity.

    That is until Sakamdo 3D! which is based on the third book, (In 2012 ages after the Ringu 0 and a non-related prequel movie) And then they made a sequel to that and followed it up with the ring vs. the grudge.

    Are there any good sequels released the same year as the original?

  11. There are undoubtedly more movies and tv series about people with Multiple Personality Disorder than there are actual clinically recognized cased of MPD (It’s an incredibly rare disease and as the show states some psychologists don’t even think it exists) but I’m going to go to bat for United States of Terra. It’s no Breaking Bad or Sopranos but it is a solid entertaining drama with good acting, good writing, and good characters. It has one scene that will probably stay with me forever; The husband, who has put up with a lot and is doing his best to cope with having a wife with MPD but he has been worn thin at this particular moment. He is mentally in that space where he is clinging on to the edge with his fingernails and people, some obliviously and some not, keep stepping on his hand. I know I’ve been there and he is desperately trying to keep calm at a dinner party. Then someone says something and he explodes. But the camera then pans into his eyes and we see that he was just thinking about what he would say if he were to explode but that he didn’t actually do it. He kept calm. For now. Then someone else says something a little bit later and he explodes again. Only once more the camera pans in and it was his mental response, not his actual real world response. Finally the third time he explodes but this time there is no pan in. Enough was enough and he snapped for real. It was a great scene and I’m hard pressed to think of another time I’ve seen the internal struggle to remain calm, and loosing that struggle, so well expressed visually. There were lots of little moments like that and I think it’s a show still worth watching in 2019.
    Without ever seeing it, I always categorized Big Love as a Six Feet Under like HBO show – quirky premise but done seriously and with high drama. I loved Six Feet Under but I have no idea why I never watched Big Love. Anyone think it’s worth revisiting in 2019?
    Lie To Me. I watched a few episodes of this show but after about the sixth one where “Genius Uses Near Magical Mental Powers To Solve Crime” the characters and writing weren’t enough to hold my interest and the premise was wearing thin. I do still remember the clip they showed of Bill Clinton were they pointed out how (allegedly) his body language showed he was lying.
    I loved the year end wrap up. Quick question; Any chance you are you going to do a DECADE wrap up at the end of this year as you bring the 1980’s to a close? It’s the last time you’ll talk about The Eighties except for when the 40 year old stuff appears on Classic Corner [insert existential dread here] and I would love for you to do something to bring what for many of your listeners is their most formative decade to a close.
    Suggestions for a word to convey those who are a fan of 30 20 10: Decamites.

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