Prologuetagonists – Vidjagame Apocalypse 301

This week, we’ll look at five games that gave us a single-serving protagonist, who stuck around just long enough to show us the ropes before stepping aside to make way for the real hero. Then, friend of the show TL Foster joins for an extended chat about Kingdom Hearts III, the Resident Evil 2 remake, Metroid Prime 4 switching developers, and your favorite Resident Evil/Kingdom Hearts (chains of) memories.

Question of the Week: What was your favorite year in gaming, and why?


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5 thoughts on “Prologuetagonists – Vidjagame Apocalypse 301

  1. QotW: My favorite year in gaming has to be 1995. Between the great games on the SNES, PC, Arcade and launch of the PS1, it was one hell of a year for a young me. We got Chrono Trigger, Mortal Kombat 3, Warcraft 2, Earthbound, Mario World 2…I could go on and on. Granted, I didn’t buy a PS1 until the following year and I rented a lot of those SNES games because I was a broke lil kid, but damnit I loved it.

    1. RE: BttF remake, it’ll be a while, if what the Bobs say is true…that is, they have clauses in their contracts that universal cant make a sequel or remake as long as the Bobs are alive. So until they die, we’re safe

  2. Question of the Week: What was your favorite year in gaming, and why?

    1994 is a super important year for sure. Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 6, and Super Metroid alone make it a banner year for gaming, not to mention titles like Donkey Kong ’94, Sonic and Knuckles, Demon’s Crest, Mega Man X2, Killer Instinct, Doom II, the first Elder Scrolls game.

    But all of that said, for me personally, 1990 was the beginning of gaming for me. I turned 7 that year and for Christmas 1989, my step brothers and I got an NES with Super Mario / Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, and RC Pro Am. Looking at releases in 1990, there isn’t much to love, but that was the year that I discovered what I’d been missing, catching up on the last few years of the NES with games like Super Mario Brothers 2 and 3, Mega Man 2, TMNT, Ice Hockey, RBI Baseball, and more.

  3. Despite not being discussed much, 2012 is my personal favourite year in gaming as someone young who isn’t into shooters or third person action games. That year gave us a variety of wonderful, more niche games that got more coverage than usual because of a lack of megablockbusters.

    The XCOM reboot was masterfully done and pulled a lot of non-strategy fans in by simplifyinh and reinvigorate the XCOM formula.

    The Walking Dead Season One heralded the boom of narrative gaming which has only diversified since then despite the sad passing of TellTale. The story really was heart-wrenching, with the studio smartly distancing themselves from the TV series/comics.

    Hotline Miami is a great and truly thrilling action indie game that manages to be gory to the extreme without being silly.

    Spec Ops: The Line still remains the best game I’ve never played. The art direction, cinematography, sound editing and voice acting are all stellar though the story has some hiccups.

    And those are just my personal highlights. Other games that year from the top of my head are Far-Cry 3 (made smart changes to the open-world formula that remain till this time), To The Moon (an overall reccomend despite some Indie-itis) and Sleeping Dogs. ‘Nuff said.

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