Journeys to the West – Vidjagame Apocalypse 302

Hope everyone had a happy Lunar New Year! To celebrate, we roped in friend of the show Heidi Kemps to help us dig into five games based on one of our favorite works of Chinese fiction, Journey to the West (aka Monkey, aka Saiyuki). Then we chat about Wargroove, Apex Legends, Etrian Odyssey Nexus, a VR sequel to Groundhog Day, and your nominees for the best years in gaming.

Who’s your favorite simian game character, and why?


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10 thoughts on “Journeys to the West – Vidjagame Apocalypse 302

  1. QotW: The first gorilla of gaming, DK! Specifically the DKC games because my mind was blown that it was made for the SNES. It was and still is an amazing game. Oh and DK 94 for GB is another reason because I love puzzles!

  2. I don’t know if this counts for favorite or most hated, but the apes from Ape Escape! Trying to chase down those assholes as they taunted me with their flashing hats while simultaneously figuring out how to use TWO ANALOG STICKS AT THE SAME TIME is one of my fondest early gaming memories.

  3. QOTW: As if it could be anyone other than Chaos from Primal Fear, the ape monster who attacks with his bodily fluids. Whether it’s the Fart of Fury or the Golden Shower, Chaos is a master technician in combat and is clearly supremely resourceful. Has one character in a game ever said so much about how the developers view their target demographic? He along with Booger Man, The Great Mighty Poo, and Cum Commando really showcase how much game developers in the 90s thought their audience had an insatiable appetite for the disgusting. Play it loud!

  4. ABSOLUTELY pipotchi from ape escape 2, mostly because I’ll take any opportunity to mention ape escape 2 but also because he gives you cookies and helps you bridge jumps!
    Good times.

  5. Pipotchi from ape escape 2 (I’ll take any excuse to mention ape ascape 2) he gives you cookies and lets you bridge your botched jumps

  6. The greatest ape in gaming that I can think of would HAVE to be Andross from the Star Fox series. One, he’s gigantic which is literally the definition of “great”. He’s easily larger than any other ape in any other form of media, ever. Two, the motherfucker can breathe in SPACE. Those two facts alone solidify him as the greatest ape in gaming, ignoring the fact that he can shoot all kinds of lasers and missiles and shit from his face. Also, he’s somehow alive and a threat despite being just a disembodied head, floating around in space, being angry and taking shit over.
    Just imagine how big and how much of a threat he would be if he had the REST of his body. You think chimpanzees are scary with their ability to rip of your arms and beat you with the wet end? Not to mention the other things they tear off……Imagine a solar system-sized, pissed off primate, bent on galactic domination, flying around space, shooting lasers out of its eyes and flinging planets around like so much poo.

  7. My favorite simian game character has to be Kiki from Link to the past & Link’s awakening. She pops up and always helps. In LTTP she extorts 110 rupees to open up a palace. In Link’s awakening, Hand her some bananas and she sends a hoard of monkeys to build a bridge for you. I like useful monkeys.

  8. QOTW: favourite simian?
    being a die hard, unapologetic legend of zelda fan I have to take any opportunity to bring up my favourite in the series, Majora’s Mask. This game definitely houses my favourite monkeys, the little guys initially help you find the injured witch in the swamp, then come back to bring you to the deku palace where their sibling is held captive because the king thinks he captured the princess, SO you being the hero go ahead and rescue the deku princess and SAVE THE MONKEY…. just to reset your 3 days and have him die anyway… This games pretty fucked up when you break it down but STILL holds a pretty permanent place in my heart, and yes that over BOTW

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