Strange Bedfellows – Vidjagame Apocalypse 305

Competing game publishers don’t often let their characters out to play with each other, but when they do, the results are usually fun. This week, we celebrate five surprising crossover cameos in third-party games, with help from friend of the show Tyler Nagata, after which we’ll dig into Reggie Fils-Amie leaving Nintendo, rumors of Xbox Game Pass coming to Switch, and the worst endings you’ve ever seen.

Question of the Week: What’s your dream videogame crossover or cameo?


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13 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows – Vidjagame Apocalypse 305

  1. QotW: One of my dream crossover games has always been a DC vs. Marvel fighting game, especially during the Marvel vs. Capcom era. Just imagine MvC 2 but with DC characters instead of Capcom. It would have been epic! We could have finally settled who’s better, Spider-Man or Batman.

  2. NAMCO has been going all out for the crossovers on Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur looks to be just as extensive with their choices. If they could bring in Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia it would be cool to see. Either him or a Mr.Driller stand in character.

  3. QotW: one of these days I hope Nintendo/Toei/Namco Bandai will finally have the Pokemon vs Digimon game we always wanted. Could be either an RPG or fighting game as both franchises work in both.

  4. I disagree with the physical dying out talk, it’ll always have a presence in movies and games. If even at a premium price.

  5. QotW: We got close to my ultimate dream in Xenoblade 2 when they added KOS-MOS and T-ELOS as Blades you can have in your party. Then they added Shulk and Fiora from the first and then Elma from X. The ultimate dream, therefore, has to be adding Fei Fong Wong and Elly Van Houten from Xenogears in the next Xeno game. If Namco is down with letting these sort-of connected games to finally be together, Square should be too! Do the right thing.

  6. Animal Crossing and Resident Evil. All the villagers thought it was awesome being so close to the neighboring community of Raccoon City. Until all the city-folk started shambling around and eating each other.

  7. The hope is all but dead now but I always wanted a shin megami tensei game made by bioware. Bioware rpg mechanics attached to the SMT format could make the demon negotiations more than random exercises in losing hope and make the line between lawful, chaotic, and neutral paths a bit less binary and more interesting.

  8. Many of my QOTW answers are an excuse to shoe horn Bayonetta into the conversation in a desparate bid to keep gaming’s hottest witch relevant– sad I know. But in this case I think the queen of over the top 3rd person action should be united with her predecessor and spiritual husbando, Dante. Imagine how crazy the fighting would be, let alone the nonsensical comedy dialogue and ridiculous flirting. Sadly I doubt it could ever happen, but if me and Deviant Art ever get our way the stylist action brawler genre would have a treat on it’s hands.

  9. QOTW: As a huge fighting game fan, I was intrigued when I saw photoshops of a Kellogg vs. Capcom box art. Can you imagine Tony the tiger getting shoryuken’d by Ryu in the style of Street Fighter 1 Sagat? Picture a Marvel vs. Capcom 3-style intro where the Rice Krispies elves are ganged up by servbots and Count Chocula battles Demitri with lighting in the background, illuminating the sky above the ultimate evils of both universes, Firebrand for Capcom and the Cornelius Rooster for the bland-ass corn flakes of Kelloggs.

  10. QOTW:
    Ever since I was a kid I’ve had one idea floating in my head that, for the love of me, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been done,, ready? I have 2 words
    Jak & Clank….
    Ratchet & Daxter
    I know what you’re thinking, “why not Jak & Ratchet?”
    Simple I don’t want these 2 fighting for the spotlight in a game but seeing the side kicks swap around seems like it’ll make for fun time either way…. Plus I’ve been starving for a new Jak game and this would be pretty dope

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