Badass Ladies of Cinema – Laser Time #371

In honor of Women’s History Month, we thought there’s never been a better time to be hooked on heroines! Gear up for your viewing of Captain Marvel with a breezy look back at the fiercest broads in action movie history…


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7 thoughts on “Badass Ladies of Cinema – Laser Time #371

  1. I don’t mind genderflipped franchise installments. There can be interesting stuff done with that. Like the Ghostbusters reboot and it ended up being better than the original, don’t @ me. The women were smart enough to test the equipment first and said women were more interesting! Yes, even more than Bill Murray.

  2. I think you guys forgot Hong Kong. In 1966 King Hu directed Chang Pei Pei in “Come Drink With Me.” She destroys everyone in her path in that movie. King Hu (an underrated director) has a history of strong women in his films. “Dragon Inn” and especially “A Touch of Zen”

  3. How on Earth did you guys forget to mention Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia? I mean from the first movie onwards, she continuously established herself as a badass who’s willing to take charge and get results when everyone around her is at a loss at what to do.

  4. When is Sarah going to get a whole show to talk about Veronica Mars for my benefit?

    Although on topic, sounds like you may like Happy Valley if you haven’t seen it already.

  5. I’m not sure if any of you are fans of the frankly bad, slightly cheesy, but entertaining Underworld franchise, but Selene is pretty badass and could take Blade in a fight. Also, she’s played by Kate Beckinsale whom no one would ever have bet would become an action star in the early 2000s.

  6. Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans. Even if you cast aside all the badass spying and fighting (and killing) she does, as a character she is uncompromising in her beliefs even when they clash with that of her husband’s. Intelligent, perceptive, unafraid while managing to be written as a flawed human being too.

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