Reboots That Got The Boot – Vidjagame Apocalypse 306

Reboots happen pretty frequently in entertainment; what’s much rarer is the “reboot” that later gets pushed aside so the original story can continue. This week, we’ll look at five of the best (and one of the worst), with help from erstwhile VGA co-founder and studio namesake Tyler Wilde, of PC Gamer. Then we’ll talk about Ape Out, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, Sonic’s movie redesign, and your dream videogame mashups.

Question of the Week: Which game franchise would you love to reboot?


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21 thoughts on “Reboots That Got The Boot – Vidjagame Apocalypse 306

  1. QotW: The franchise I’d love to reboot is Contra. We haven’t had a real game since the late aughts (sorry, Hard Corps: Uprising doesn’t cut it), and a revival is in dire need…but Konami being Konami, I know it’ll never happen (we can’t even get the original Contra on any digital service!) I’d reboot it by making it similar to Cuphead, but maybe not as hard

    1. the batman slander..i am disappoint 🙁 hahaha. Spiderman had powers sure, but so did/does Superman, and Batman has owned Superman on more than one occasion…granted that’s based on writing and realistically, Batman couldn’t hold his own with any metahuman, but damnit, it’s batman!

  2. QotW: the franchise I would like a reboot of is Tomba. In the era of Metroidvanias, would like to see one with its colorful anime aesthetic. Maybe Swery could be involved somehow like he was with the old games.

  3. Question of the Week – I’m reboot Dino Crisis. With the advancements the RE franchise made and the recent resurgence of dino love via Jurassic World, it would be a match made in heaven…or hell. Just imagine an RE4 or RE7 style game with fucking dinos after your ass. Would be more thrilling and spookier than those shitty JW movies.

    1. I’m super on board with all of this, but there’s one big problem that’ll make sure it’ll never happen. It’s name is DINO CRISIS!

  4. The franchise I’d love to reboot is Twisted Metal
    I know this was spoken about on the show but Twisted Metal has a lot of potential especially for online battles.
    I was obsessed with Twisted Metal Black where my friends and I would play 4 split-screen on a tube TV and we all had our own designated cars. We weren’t allowed to use any one else’s cars at any time. We took on the personas of the drivers (we were really cool)
    The PS3 version messed this up by removing the personalities of the characters and allowed you to drive any car with only 3 players…this broke our rule. Also Races? Get the fuck out of here.

    Reboot this , keep the story dark and twisted (HA). Make it like Smash Bros Ultimate and include ALL the cars from the past including the 989 studios games (3 and 4) and make it Twisted Metal World. Fix the online play and for god sake bring back Rob Zombie and his DRAGULA!!!

  5. I would love a reboot of Tomba!.. Tomba was such a fun platformer, and it would work now that 2D metroidvanias are a huge thing.

    Or a Disney afternoon game. I loved their games individually, but man I’d love a shared universe game with them all

  6. QOTW: A Dead Space reboot would be great. No matter how you feel about Dead Space 3 it definitely salted the Earth for the series. While I would love to see a developer try to write their way out of the Dead Space 3 ending a reboot is probably the better way to go but between EA being what they are these days and Visceral being dissolved I don’t have much faith in that ever happening.

  7. QOTW: I want a Ducktales reboot game based on the new series. And I want it on Switch.

  8. QOTW: I want a Ducktales reboot based on the new series. And I want it on Switch.

  9. QOTW: F-Zero is sorely in need of a reboot. Since Nintendo says they won’t make a new F-Zero until they have a new idea for it, let Ubisoft make an open world bounty hunter game with racing and track design by SEGA. I’m willing to let the world burn and F-Zero never live down the misguided open-world elements as long as I get a new SEGA developed F-Zero racing game.

  10. Having recently tried to play Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for the first time in over two decades, that needs some help.
    This is the series that introduced me to Amy Hennig and from 1996-2006 she had me buying the next game without a second thought.
    I feel it is a shame for such a great game series to have the final entry be a failed arena shooter.

  11. The game I wanna see rebooted is def jam fight for New York. It remains to be one of the greatest fighting games of all time, and with the over abundance of rappers that need to be on the receiving end of a piledriver, now is the time to cash in.

  12. Keeping the theme of this week’s episode, I’d love to see a reboot of Gunstar Heroes that completely ignores what Treasure did with the flavorless, single player only, score attack sequel and make a new game more like the running platformer/shooter from the original.

    I’d even prefer something like Toejam & Earl BitG, which did nothing but replicate the original game with the barest of updates, but is otherwise a slavish carbon copy of the original… give me just another vertical.scrolling plane level, board game level and vehicle level with wacky characters and daft weapons and I’d be happy.

  13. Pull Team Silent out of the pachinko mines and let’s take another shot at Silent Hill. The horror game scene has had so many innovations, indie or otherwise, since the last great SH game. Take queues from the best of them, and let’s see if we can pull off another great entry. Or give the IP to Capcom, anything, fuck it.
    R.I.P.D. P.T.

  14. QotW:Street Fighter.

    I kinda want to do the thing Mortal Kombat 9 did, where it retells the story of the first 3 games but with a larger roster and an actual good story mode. I’d love to see a SF game that does that for SF1, Alpha and SF2. And with an art style that looks like the SF2 anime movie.

  15. would it still be called DJ FFNY? Who’d be in it? The actual current DJ roster is pretty ass…granted the original games didn’t focus solely on DJ, but the majority of the roster were DJ or DJ adjacent…most acts coming from ATL now…but I would laugh my ass off if they got some of those ATL “rappers” in a game.

  16. I would love a reboot of Wing Commander. I’m not trolling Chris for saying he has never met a Wing Commander fan. I played every game in the series from the beginning. I even saw the movie in the theater one month before Star Wars the Phantom Menace came out. I have many fond memories of playing 1 and 2 on my friend’s brother’s 286 PC with the original Sound Blaster and one of those Gravis game pads. You could still use Mark Hamill but you could have him play Admiral Tolwyn, (the series main antagonist for our main character Christopher Blair). The series is so old that you could use the same plot line for the first 3 games because not many people remember it.

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