More Cartoons We Should Cancel Because of Michael Jackson – Laser Time #373

Michael Jackson has been in the news again… but we’re not talking about that! Not entirely, anyway. The specific focus of this discussion is The Simpsons’ response to pull Jackson’s episode, the public response and pop cultural repercussions. We’ll also be putting other cartoons and beloved minutia up on the chopping block for cancellation, so pray for any of your personal faves that have any association with disgraced King of Pop.


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NOTE: Should you have any issue engaging with the subject of this week’s episode, we’ve made the Captain Marvel Patreon episode free for all, so listen to that instead. And if you’d like to hear more of our thoughts on Michael Jackson and the Leaving Neverland documentary, listen to this week’s Bonus Time.


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6 thoughts on “More Cartoons We Should Cancel Because of Michael Jackson – Laser Time #373

  1. Looks like we have to pull all the talk radar episodes where you mashed the genisis and vocals together, eh Chris….

    1. I have to believe that Chris no longer has any say what is done with the old Talk Radar episodes since they are owned by Gamesradar.

  2. This was a fun episode to listen to, having the Aarons convict everything MJ related to cancellation.! Also loved the Simpsons chat, is well pretty well rounded and not dominated by one opinion or another.

  3. Just a hot take
    Leaving Neverland did make me sad and I did feel like there was a truth to it. But the documentary is one-sided. I needed someone like Michael’s brothers, sisters, or children to push some more evidence. I cried over the documentary, but there needed to be more conceptual evidence within it. If Michael’s gonna be canceled forever, there needs to be more evidence to cancel the dead singer

    1. Then here ya go

      You also gotta remember that the Jackson family’s money (remember his first band?) is tied up in his estate. It’s in their best interest to deny everything, or worse, call the victims liars. I’m sure it sucks for their extended families, having their financial situation uprooted because of the actions of their long dead brother/uncle/whatever, but no, I honestly don’t care what they have to say. And I’m sure they’ll speak through their lawyers anyway. As for other evidence, you have plenty. Plus I wouldn’t waste any time waiting around for people – bodyguards, housekeepers, Llama herders, etc. – to run forward to make themselves complicit in child molestation.

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