RIP 20th Century Fox – Laser Time #374

Now that Uncle Mickey has its four-fingered gloves on all that was 20th Century Fox, what is the fate of X-Men, Home Alone, The Simpsons, Avatar, Die Hard, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, and more? To answer our questions and alleviate our fears of our monopolistic ruin, we’ve got ourselves a classic movie expert and a former resident of the Fox lot on board to break things down. Prepare thyself for a look at the hundred-year history of 20th Century Fox, what the Disney acquisition means, and a little quiz on who owns what.


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3 thoughts on “RIP 20th Century Fox – Laser Time #374

  1. If this gets Simpsons on a streaming service ad-free, I’ll look forward to that. I am curious on how this would affect Universal’s Simpsons area…I imagine that Disney could be assholes and raise the licensing fees and make Universal drop it…Simpsons would fit nicely at CA Adventure or the Hollywood lot in FL….and I think the imagineers could come up with a slightly better ride with all the VA’s of the show

  2. Can I just say Damien Thorn from The Omen is technically now a Disney Villain AND a Disney Prince. As a friend of mine said, he’s the Disney Prince of Darkness now!

    But minor correction, MGM owns The Princess Bride. Fox only has theatrical rights.

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